I just got into the fighting game scene!


I’ve no clue what gear to get where to go ect, ect help!
Well other than that great intro of me pleading to you nerds on the internet to let you know what I’m interested in here ya gooooo

SF5 and Smash

That’s it yay me!!
But seriously its a large community and a large skill sealing but I want to get gud at either of these games I just again need a place to start!


You probably won’t get much help for Smash here. You might have to check out reddit or SmashBoards for that. For SFV, there is a forums here for that, but there are also loads of guides and videos on youtube. Gief’s Gym is a pretty popular book for new players in SFV, and VesperArcade has a lot of good videos on youtube. Jmcrofts is another good youtube channel. You can also seek out your local FGC and see if there is a scene. Just google that or check out the regional matchmaking forum here. If there is a scene, more than likely they have a facebook page.

As far as gear goes, a PS4 controller is just fine for SFV. A lot of pros use it. If you get an arcade stick, I recommend getting one with Sanwa or Hori Hayabusa parts. If you cheap out on a stick, you’ll just be stuck dealing with upgrading later on. Madcatz just filed for bankruptcy, so maybe they will be clearancing out some sticks or something. They are alright, but I don’t use them because I just prefer Hori sticks. Also, if you play online, try to use a hard wired connection. It’s just better for fighters than wifi.

Here is a link to some fighting game terms. Just bookmark it so you have it. Smash probably has its own terminology, so bare that in mind.


If you’re going to get a stick get the Korean Etokki Omni. I can’t say enough good things about Korean joysticks since switching over to them. They work great. Check out www.etokki.com


I do not know if OP will return but welcome to the Fighting Game Community. Hope you find help you need and people to play with.