I just got it on steam

I just bought SFIV on steam to play against fools online.

You guys should add me!

my username for Windows Live is : MmPierremM
my username for STEAM is : tnguyen717@msn.com

Also, I want to get those alternate costumes that looks friggin awesome.
Can someone tell me how to get these?

This is not ps3/xbox, this is PC versions


Damn 09 join da–Oh.

Welcome to the world of SF4 I guess.

wow… starting a new thread just cause you got the game. Mod, close this shit. And OP, in future, before you go posting a new thread, check out what already has been written. i looked for the thread you should have posted in but couldnt find it, but then, not my job… dont be lazy and search in future.

lol, so cold…

Do you mean the alternate costumes that people modded or the DLC ones?

This clown’s always grumpy

OP welcome to the world of SFIV, it’s a great game and most members on this forum are very helpful and knowledgeable. Some are just frustrated tweens who live in their parents basements. Either way make sure to search before posting and gl going forward

There is a SF IV PC gamertag thread in the computer matchmaking forum, I agree with Darth Paul…close this shit.

It’s the end of the world!! :frowning:

I meant the DLC ones.

DLC are the ones where the person sees you, and you see them in the alternate costume right?
Meaning, both ways, not only viewed on your side.

Sorry guys I will not do this again.

dude, he likes to keep things neat and organized like a hallway monitor. flash those badges baby!! :rofl:

in all seriousness, so-called useless threads will be around forever until the end of time.

I’m thinking about getting this just to mess around with mods like moveswap and skins. Can you use them in the steam version?

Yeah, Steam is most likely known for model switches and all the weird stuff.

Anyways, I think this Steam version does not let you go on a random server to find random challengers. You have to be friends.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.