I just got PLAYED by the police!


Ok, so me and my friends had just came from my boy’s pro debut MMA fight. We went to a bar/restaurant to celebrate and shit and my other boy brought these 2 white girls to chill with us. We were making them laugh and whatever, and they decided to invite us back to their hotel.

Long story short, my boys and I get to the hotel and my boy sent me to go to the store with one of the girls, cause I know the area better and we could get to the closest store faster.

So we’re driving or w/e looking for a store to be open at 2 am. She does a U-turn on the highway and we see a cop pulled this other car over. She goes around the cop car, but she did it in the same lane and the police pulled us over. So when he pulls us over, she starts to freak out because she left the hotel room without her license…he takes her name, D.O.B. and social and goes back to run it, cause she’s from R.I.

He asks her for her L and she claims she forgot it and she’s like super apologetic about it. I offer my ID and he says “I didn’t ask for your ID, I only asked for hers” So I put my shit back in my wallet and I don’t say a WORD cause I know that asshole cops like that are looking for reasons to come at big black dudes like me.

There’s 2 cops apparently and they seem to be playing a good cop, bad cop routine…cause the 2nd cop was real apologetic and polite towards shorty in the car.

He’s searching the car with his flashlight and he goes in the back and finds an open container of alcohol, some cognac at that. Keep in mind, this isn’t my car nor is the registration in my name. I didn’t even know the container was there.

I pass it to him and bad cop comes back and goes “You realize I could have you locked up right now” and “In MA, it’s a $500 fine having an open container of alcohol in your vehicle” and I’m thinking she’s in trouble.

To make a long story short, not only do the POLICE RETURN THE OPEN BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL TO HER, they gave ME the $500 fine!!!

Like really. The time I DIDN’T DRINK (I legit had water in the bar, cause I’ve been trying to stop drinking lately) I get hit with the wombo combo!

I’ve never gotten a ticket for anything before, ever. And the most I’ve ever been in trouble before was when my sister’s boyfriend at the time put his hands on my sister and I had to tighten his ass up. But that was back when I was 18. I just turned 26 this past Friday. I have literally nothing else on my record.

I want to try to appeal this ticket because I feel like it was bogus and he had no reason to do that, especially if he’s going to return the bottle to HER and fine ME…especially since she was driving without a license…she got a “citation” but no fines at all…

They even found a toy gun in the back and she got away scott free!

How should I approach appealing this ticket?



LOL that’s just wrong. You probably should have gone to the police station or asked to be breathalyzed on the spot because that fine is bogus. Personally I would have just driven to down to the station.

I’m from the UK though, our cops very rarely go into power trip mode.

PS. You should have filmed it


Letting a female drive at all…your ass got what was coming to you


Honestly, the way it went I didn’t even consider that to be a factor for me to film it. At first, bad cop wouldn’t even take my id…so I figured it would only be between him and the chick. I’ve only been pulled over once before that, and that was in the hood…I was a passenger in that case, too and it was because my boy was speeding. But this time, we were in Dedham, MA which is like…the boonies. So I was just shocked that he didn’t do ANYTHING to her and charged it on me just for being in the car.



Your mistake was being the one handing the alcohol to the officer.
You may have basis to appeal it since it’s not yours, but you screwed up by not letting the girl handle that.


Yeah, did they ask him to hand that though after they saw it, and she’s too scrawny to even reach into the backseat?

Matriarch’s joke failed the last time, and it shall fail again in here. Woman got special treatment. And not the black knightsticks. This might be her, I’m going back from black “wakeup call,” good thing I didn’t do him. Witch.


Keep it in the trunk. :coffee:


You weren’t driving the car and the car wasn’t yours.

You had no reason for the cop to even acknowledge your presence. That’s what you get for white knighting a helpless girl.


Yo you need to learn how to handle cops. They probably gave you a fine because you looked like an idiot. “She doesnt have her ID, but will mine work?” “Nah not unless it has her info on it”

You cant just substitute ID’s with someone elses. They probably laughed at you for that when they went back to the car.
Next, unless that cop asked you to hand him the bottle, you shouldnt have done shit. You dont do anything for a cop unless they explicitly ask for it.

Lastly, I can tell that you’re skipping chunks of story. Unless they have probable cause to search your vehicle like an arrest warrant, they must ask your permission to search the vehicle. Even if you say no, they must respect the decision and back off. If they dont, get yourself an attorney because you have easy lawsuit money and a written apology from the officer coming your way.

You can try to appeal that ticket, but you’re likely going to get it overturned. It’s a illegal period to have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. You handed it to them, so they have reason to believe it was yours which to them is proof/evidence. At this point you have to somehow prove that it wasnt yours, but good luck with that.

I aint sorry for you. You didnt get played. You fucked this all up on your own. And that chick’s fault for letting them search the car.

EDIT:Btw your ticket is really like $700. You have to pay for court costs as well.


All he had to do was keep his mouth shut. That’s it. Just be oblivious about everything.

But no he thought he could save the day. No. He was blinded by possible pussy.


Yeah you’re missing a huge part of the story mang…Did you fuck the white girl or not!


Especially considering she was a jump-off.

It’s still bullshit though.


This right here.

SirFrizalot, you made a lot of mistakes, but I hope you take this as a learning experience.

The only thing I would add is that you should appeal the ticket. There may be a chance that the cop(s) wont show up as a witness, because if they don’t, that’s an auto-dismissal (at least in my state). Besides, its good to get courtroom experience. The worst that can happen is that they charge you the same as what they would have if you pleaded guilty anyway (assuming you don’t make a royal ass of yourself).


dont go riding with strangers at 2am in the morning, its as clear cut as I can make it. Fuck that

your best bet is you can appeal but the most they can do is cut the fine down to like 300 or something. Because its not your car they could also hit with more unblockables so be thankful that was not the case here but your story has too many loopholes in it


loool, this negro offered up his ID to a cop for no reason whatsoever. BAAHAHA. ole bitch ass acting like a scared cracka in the back seat.

take that shit to court, the D.A will likely reduce the fine and the charge to something small before even sitting in front of a judge, because open container tickets arent worth the time and hassle. my boy caught one a long time ago in bmore. long story short, that almost involved him getting shot by a bitch ass black female cop. he took his ticket to his lawyer friend, went to court, and they reduced the charges and he just had a small fine i believe, or it may have been tossed out, but i know the original ticket didnt fly period.

i mean, its just an open container ticket. that shits not even a misdemeanor. pay the ticket and hold that L, or take it to court and try to get it tossed or reduced.

your story is poorly told too. why did you pass him the container of alcohol if he was already searching the car and found it. uhhh, that makes no fucking sense, bitch.


Stop being Captain Save-A-Hoe and shit like this wont happen.
Also, You’re black. Why you talking to the police for anyways?


sucks to be black…around da police?


My run ins with the cops have been fairly positive despite my clearly being in the wrong, so I’m not on the “fuck the police” bandwagon. But there are lots of them that do power trip and thankfully I haven’t run into those types. Should have kept your mouth shut and if asked, explained nothing in that car belonged to you. That’s not implying criminal intent that’s just avoiding unnecessary bullshit. Someone anxious to offer up ID or whatever and be overly cooperative in an attempt to appease without being instructed is someone anxious to save their own skin or lessen punishment. Stop talking or don’t answer a question how a cop wanted you to and then you’re hiding something, a few more cop car cars pull up and park…more bullshit compounding. Snowball effect in opposite direction of what you wanted to happen.


First mistake: You let a woman drive
Second mistake: You offered YOUR ID for an issue that has NOTHING to do with YOU
Fourth possible mistake: If you didn’t fuck the shit outta this chick and get some head then fuck, you just fucked yourself 4 times over.


You showed them your id and handed them an open container of alcohol which could pretty much be assumed as yours since you knew the location of it.

I dig your music, but still I personally think you’re fucked.