I just had a change of Heart


For those who dont know, I had plan on doing a 7min wrestling animation featuring Raven vs. The Rock. Raven is my all time fav wrestler and I really wanted to have him in the film, but I had to consider a few factors.

1st. the Hair. Its something that isnt fun or easy to animate… yes im a pussy for whimping out for that.
2nd. Not every body is familar with Raven. I wanted to appeal to all audiences, young and Old.

Now for his replacement. I chose The Big Show. Why, you ask? Because:p. Serisously though, I thought that his size would be fun to work with. Also he would be alot easier to animate.

So now its Rock Vs. The Big Show. Im gonna be posting some more concepts as soon as I can get them done and I want you guys to choose which is best.


yeah you better…pfft raven


More heart changing…

I did some more thinking at work and I decided to let the people decide. Big Show will do a run in at the end of the fight. So the Rock’s new opponent will be…

  1. Goldberg
  2. Brock Lesner
  3. Kurt Angle
  4. Rick Flair

Take your pick. Majority will rule.


1, he’s easiest to draw :stuck_out_tongue:


rick flair


I’ll just post concepts of all of them

maybe it will help everybodys decesion.


You could make goldberg look the coolest so he is my vote.



It at my site.


the image is big as hell.