I Just Met Razor Ramon!


OMG!!! I just came from this college bar and saw a guy on the mic saying Hey yo!!! I looked and it was razor ramon aka scott hall!!! I acted like a little school girl and shook both of his hands. I was like OMG RAZOR RAMON!!! AHHHHH!!! I had security laughing at me but I dont give a fuck, would of taken them down anyway. I wish I took pics. I ment one of my biggest man crushes besides sam jackson. He put on a lot of weight but I still worship him. OMG I MET RAZOR RAMON! He had the tooth pick in his mouth and everything!!!:looney:


pix or didn’t happen


fuck !! i thought you mean that RAZOR RAMONE FROM JAPAN AKA **HARD-O GAY **


Awesome. If I had my choice of wrestlers to meet it would easily be Rowdy Roddy PIper, or Hacksaw Jim Duggan. :tup:



on a slightly relevant note, i shook Drew Brees hand some years ago when he played for the Chargers.

I said something like " You’re really killing out there man!". I don’t even follow football or watch however, i just wanted to pay him a compliment.

I like to think that my words greatly impacted his life and inspired him to be the player he is today.


Im still acting like a fucking school girl right now. I don’t care if he gained a lot of weight. He’s a fucking legend. Hell he drank as much as I did which is a fucking lot. Man I wish my camera was working. Fuck the haters who say pics or it didn’t happen. Ya’ll are just mad that you didn’t meet your man crush like I did. I know the owner of the bar I went too. So I’m going to see if he knows him on a personal level. Because I want in on this shit.


Did you see Kevin Nash there or did he break his leg walking up to the bar?



Sei sei sei…


scott hall >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

he’s definitely a legend.



Naw Kevin Nash wasn’t there. I did see him a few times though because they taped TNA here a few times in Orlando. When I worked at Universal Studios a bit I used to see some of the matches for free. Man I feel like I met Moses or something. I can’t stop smiling!


rofl. nice…


that’s pretty kick ass.

was he callin foo’s cheeko?


Razor Ramone? you mean the guy who was fired from WWF and WCW for being drunk all the time lol!

Was he still rockin the slippery jerry curls?

Did he call you chico?



Zoolander he still had the slippery jerry curls and like I said earlier, he drank as much as I did which is fucking a lot. Omg I can’t believe I met him. He didn’t call me chico though sad face If I had my camera I would of taken a picture with him putting me in a head lock. If he wasn’t out of shape I would of let him put me in the outsiders edge and have people record it.


His face is fat as hell.

Nigga look like he got two golf balls in his mouth.


TheSix, how dare you talk shit about RR you hate’n ass nugga!!! You will only show respect to a great man as him. Now bow to the east and pray for atleast 5 mins untill he forgives you.


did he throw his toothpick at you and say “here’s looking at you kid”. ?


Was he giving peeps the Razor’s edge?


^^God no I wish he threw his toothpick at me. He actually did have a toothpick in his mouth the whoe night. If he threw his toothpick at me then the universe would of exploded at how awsome it would of been because I would of worshiped every moment of it!!!


:rofl: I was just about to ask that.

Man Razor Ramon is the shit. He still has one of the best entrance themes imo.

Shit I probably would have acted like a little girl too if I met him.