I just modded my LS-32-01

and it feels so much better! IT’s a bit more shift with a shorter throw! I used aki’s ultimate JLF mod, with a LS-32-01 and omg it works wonders. I like it and i can pull off more combos with it!


I didnt use a spring, but i did use some electrical tape. Try it if you feel the LS-32-01 is a bit too loose and goes everywhere.!

How do you like your LS-32-01?

ya but wont the tape come off after a while of hard use

Yes it does, had it with both my JLFs.

Heard you should use heat shrink wrap.

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_how do you guys hold your sticks? i hold mine with pinky under bacll(inside) and the top three outside and the thumb around.

something like

and somethibng like that. sometimes i get caught in the air and it randomly jumps bbut other than that its with the mod its so much stiffer.


we are going to talk about our scrotumz next lolz :lovin:

Stay classy, Tech Talk '09.

Just to get this thread back on track, I’d like to point out that heatshrink is a much better choice to slap on the actuator. It doesn’t wear out as fast, and goes on more evenly. :lovin:

Oh I failed. I was posting it through my mobile phone and it looks like it fucked up.

I was asking how do you hold the joystick?
I have it between the middle and ring finger. My execution kind of sucks atm.
Heatshrink? mmm, I should try that… The throw’s a lot shorter, but theres more sensitivity. :confused: my OBSF buttons are SO sensitive, I just BARELY touch it (like 1/10 a mm push) and it goes off… :confused: Are you SANWA buttons super sensitive as well?

And I got neg repeed. Boo!

1/10 a mm is a bit of an exaggeration, but yeah, Sanwa buttons are supposed to be sensitive. Personally, I hold the balltop with my thumb, index and middle finger gently at the top.

i pretty much play the same style as this guy…

Tried that, couldn’t play with it, far too soft.