I just purchased a stick, how long would i take to adjust?

Hey guys, i just purchased a SE stick, i am having problems in pressing the right buttons sometimes, but i can pull the ultra 9/10 times, how long do u think it would take me to adjust?
Thanks in advance

Shouldn’t take long if you practice alot. It’s all about practice and getting comfortable with your setup.

I’d say a month. 2 at most, but that’s pushing it.

If you just go into training mode an hour or 2 a day and just practice combos and work on your execution, you’ll get used to it.

You won’t like it for the first week or so, but it’s better in the long run.

It takes me 2 weeks to get to know defining the direction of square gate, and a month to be able to use it at 80~90% rate.

It took me a short while to get used to the stick when I first started but trust me, after you use it you can’t go back to a regular controller for fighting games. Just feels wrong. So yeah, give it some time.

depends how often you practice, the more the better as this is what you will have to get used to

It takes awhile to get use to the SE stick, the TE stick doesn’t take long at all, and feels far more intuitive.

It took me awhile to get use to Japanese sticks, because I was very use to playing in American arcades all my life. Japanese sticks feel very different. Once you learn how to hold it, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Most people pivot the stick in between their middle and ring finger. The then hold the ball top with their index and ring finger. As far as how to feel the buttons, get accustomed to the following.

Put your index on light punch, put your middle on mid punch, and put your finger on fierce punch. Generally your middle finger should be used to push the middle rown, your pinky the fierce row, and your index and thumb for the light row.

In most cases, you can use your thumb to hit light kick. Anyway, feels very awkward at first, but you’ll get use to it. It’s kind of like getting use to typing on a keyboard.

Since I don’t play alot, it’s gonna take a while. But this weekend… hittin’ that training room. You should too.

Put a pretty mean callous on the side of my ring finger.

I think the square gate really benefits Guile. I got used to my stick by taking beatings in champ mode. One day iT just seemed to click. Better than ever now.
The character trials are another good way to learn it. Pianoing the buttons was an obstacle. I still struggle with it sometimes. I fat finger the focus attack at the worst moments…SHORYUKEN!:crybaby:

How long would you say for someone using a TE stick playing at least four hours a day?

Just keep playing and you’ll slowly notice some progress in the weeks/months to come.

I got the TE after using pads for years and got used to it pretty quickly, the thing i could not hack was the EXTRA TWO buttons, so I just took the far right ones out so now its like a 6 button arcade layout.

Also coming from Europe the 4 ways gate was tricky at first (high low blocks and doing ryu’s super), its not bad now because I main guile, but I’m still going to try and use an octgate, so that IF I play in arcades, the joystick will feel similar because USA and EUROPE have those sort of gates.

If you got used to a way 4 gate and had to play with an 8, it would not be nice, so unless you live in asia, it might be worth doing.

But just keep playing, if it helps, scratch two little mark on the MP/MK buttons so you know they are throw. get rid of the two extra buttons, I think that really complicates the setup and I kept hitting the wrong buttons. As soon as I ripped them out it all made sense again.

In a game like this one wrong move can cost you the game, so you really dont want to be pressing the wrong buttons. It has to be natural. I would say a month at maybe 45 mins a day.

I bought the SE about 2 months after using the fight pad. It took me about 3-4 weeks to feel really comfortable with my charge characters on it and they are better now. My qcf characters have suffered though as I have not put in as much time with them. also, I had a problem with the stick moving to much on the table I use ( don’t like holding it in my lap). So I got some industrial strength velcro and mounted th SE stick to the table. That works for me.


Hmm… So, at that rate using the stick 4 hours a day…Will make it take around around a week. 8 hours a day around half a week and 10 hours a day would be less then half a week. Exactly around 3 days putting in 10 hours a day. Then again though, I’m getting the TE stick.

iv had the TE stick over a month and am getting fluid with it however i still jump sometimes when i dont want to and still sometimes push the wrong button…more so than when i played on controller, but on the upside combos become much eaiser as well as execution… in fact i have trouble now doing the commands to fast and they dont register because my character is still in motion of another move. Overall it took me about a month to get used to it playing 2-3 hours daily.

I just found out that my sit position(not regular sit style, usually on tourneys) effects my way to handle stick (missing links and lost direction of :r: , :uf: , :u:, :ub:, :l:

any advice on this?

Not too long… it only took me about a week to adjust to the fight pad