I just Realized Gamestop has a monopoly


not a full blown monpoly, but I’m looking for other video game stores to see if I can track down someone who wil lbreak the MvC3 street date - and In the state of MD, thru my searching so far I’ve only found ONE video game store that wasn’t a Gamestop. There hasto be more…just has to…but its amazing that Gamestop has swallowed everyone else up. I can’t even go to the hood video game store I got MvC2 before street date…its a Gamestop now :sad:

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They have a monopoly nobody wants. You can’t make cash selling games and everybody with half a brain knows digital distribution, with no ability to resell the game, will be the future so game devs can keep up with the every growing budget.

Only people operating game stores now are idiots, or gamestop which is stuck on their used game idiocy to turn a profit.

They have a monopoly on a trash heap nobody else wants.


ill just wait for the price drop like SF 4 did… everyone copped at 60…a month or more later that joint was like 25 bucks.


Haven’t they posted profit for like the last 3 years straight?

Obviously somebody wants that shit or they wouldn’t make any money.


A majority of their market comes from selling used games, which takes money out of the hands of game devs. It’s one of the leading reason why PC games are moving to download only, the console game devs and makers have said that they want this as well.

Expect everything to be digital distro soon.


Yeah I’m actually predicting that next gen might be heavily cloud based.


Oh god, you’re not one of those folks too. How can you go from having some really intelligent thoughts on various subjects, and batshit insane thoughts on others?

Game developers need to stop crying about the used game market, and not point the finger at the used market. No other business seems to have the sense of entitlement that the game industry has. Well, except for the movie industry when VHS was introduced.


Or music with digital distribution was. . .

Or the anything really.


I’m not saying I agree with it, I personally like having a physical copy of anything I buy, I’m also not overly fond of say STEAM. But… I don’t make the calls here. PC game devs hated the used game market, digital distro is a way for them to kill that and stomp out some piracy. Sony and MS have already come and said they want to control the sales as well.

Will it suck, who knows, is that what everybody is saying they are planning to do, yes.


It’s not a sense of entitlement. It’s all about sustainabilty, they are thinking of the environment!!! Download a game…save a tree.


I was almost a Marvel Drop out. I havne’t taken a game truly serious sense then. So yeah, I’m a bit excited. I played SF4 because it’s Street fighter - not because of the engine or characters.

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sorry fam, thats too long for me.

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I HATE digital distro…I want to have a hard copy of everything I own somewhere. What irritates me more is they save money on digital distro, but don’t even bother to pass the savings on down half the time. I can buy CDs of new CDs for cheaper than I can DL them. GTFO.

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Used market does. Not as MUCH as devs think it does, but thats the same issue as piracy. If Gamer H doesn’t buy game R until its used, then the devs don’t get any money for the purchase. On the flip side, without the price drop of Game R for being used, there is no garuntee Gamer H will buy it. People seem to think that because someone DLed something illegally that its money lost…no more htan likely they weren’t going to buy it ANYWAYS. But regardless. I’m just irked that my only choice seems to be Gamestop…I think I know of one no name store tucked away in Alexandria somewhere…but who knows if they’ve been canabalized.

And if the market had no money, there wouldn’t be a Gamestop every 3 miles…

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You’re not looking at it from their perspective. Selling a used game means a new game doesn’t get sold, that pisses off pubs and devs. Which is why Sony, MS, everybody, is screaming at the top of their lungs that physical media is dead and now everything should be DD. Piracy also plays into it.

They are quasi correct, but really, it doesn’t matter. If they decide to do it you’ll either buy your games that way or you won’t be able to buy games, you have no say in the matter.


Fuck their perspective. That’s the same stupid perspective they used when they try to equate piracy to a lost sale. That isn’t the case all the time like the software industry would like you to believe. And used game sales are part of the nature of doing business.If they can’t make money off of their product as is, then get out of the business and find something else you can make money in. OR, make a product that people will want to buy new. Give the customer incentives to buy new.

And what used PC game market? Everything has DRM or CD keys these days.


but it was SF4


So true, or when you find a used copy, its going for an insanely high price thats close to the original price. Its ironically why I never got Tekken 6, the price dropped so HARD on it, and used prices were so terribly low that I figure the game to be trash in the scheme of things (only Tekken I never owned heh - I filled up the box for Tekken 5). But yeah - I’m with Ronin on the ‘lost sales’ nonsense. Sorry the prices are just too high on most new games. And hell Even though I bought GTA4 (used), I still havne’t even put hte disc in to play it…not a lost sale.

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Draconian DRM and CD keys were part of the effort to stem piracy, and they really never worked. I know console makers are looking at them, but the results are iffy at best.

I agree with you on an ethical ground, but ethics don’t matter. It’s their product, if they decide to sell it so you can only buy it online, get two installs, that’s it. There isn’t much we can do about it. They create the market, you either play by their rules or don’t buy their product.

This was bound to happen as soon as consoles went online, the only real issue is broadband speeds for some downloads, but that’s slowly being worked out.


Thread topic of full of fail, they don’t have Best Buys or Walmarts or Targets in MD? I’m pretty damn sure there’s at least a couple of any of those retail chains.


This. Gamestop only has a monopoly because you dumb fucks think its the only place to purchase games.

“Gamestop doesn’t have what I want, or its too high there! Guess I am ALL out of options.”

Sad shit, right here.


Gamers keep shooting themselves in the foot by supporting this crap without a second thought. Maybe one day it’ll get ridiculous enough that gamers will wise up and vote for/boycott business practices that they do/don’t agree with, but nothing’s gonna change when the masses have that ‘fuck it, I gotta have dat Modern Warfare now’ attitude.

Can you imagine if the $599 PS3 was a giant success?? That would be standard pricing for consoles for the forseeable future.


You both missed the point. He is not saying he can’t get the game from those other stores, he is looking for a place where he can get it before the street date. Traditionally small Mom and Pop stores used to do that all the time, but seeing that Gamestop basically moved in and wiped them all out; there isn’t a small, family ran store that he can get it before 2/15