I just recieved my Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO for Xbox 360 and stumbled across an issue

Hey guys so I just recently got this fight stick so I could use it on the pc to play SFV. For awhile actually it was working perfectly and I was adjusting to this stick until the ‘‘A’’ button just randomly stopped working, I tried looking everywhere online for this issue but it seems peoples sticks flat out die out or they weren’t compatible to begin with. But mine was working perfect and suddenly the button to use LK just…stopped working? I just need advice guys. I’ve tried reinstalling my drivers, restarting my computer, putting the usb in different slots but no cigar. If anyone knows what type of problem I have at least i’d really apprieciate it :(. Just sad that it stopped working the day I got it.

Ask in the sticky thread.

Open it. make sure all wires are tightly in place. if you are still having issues, try the following

  • check for possible pcb malfunction by connecting both wires attached to the A button with another button

  • check for possible microswitch issues by switching the 2 wires from another button and plugging them to the A button

Sw-68 microswitches are cheap and easy to replace if that turns out to be the problem.

Like @PresidentCamacho said it sounds like a button issue. It’s a pretty easy fix, if you need help I’m sure someone here can lend you a hand.