I Just Shoved An Old Lady

Wait you shoved an old lady BEFORE getting your drink on? I figured the acquisition of alcohol would’ve made you as giddy as a tyke.

Sovi3t clearly showing signs of aging and/or wear and tear.

On a roll SoVi3t. What’s next? Take candy from a baby?



At first I thought you were serious because you be makin the most grim posts on srk lol I was even convinced laundry month was a thing by how grim you worded it.

What’s funny is an old man whizzed by me one one of those meat wagons while I was grocery shopping before all this went down. Those lazy mother fuckers are the bane of my existence. They’re usually some behemoth fat white bitch who grew tired of walking but still wanted to reach cheetah speeds, so they get this thing. The best is they get free fucking bus rides, then take up everybodies time while the bus has to raise/lower, and extend a bridge for their fatmobile to cross, then they pick up their meat wagon and run across the street to beat the lights. If somebody had walked around the corner while this useless tool was doing 60 in a store, they would have for sure got injured. I should have beat the shit out of that guy, just to prevent an accident.

Like, I’ve never seen somebody on one of those scooters, and they’re missing a leg, or got an IV hooked up to them, or actually look like they need it. It’s ALWAYS some fat diabetic disaster on that fucking thing, and they’re usually using it to go get more shitty food.

oddly, these past 2 crazy stories i’ve said were all true, but I now have to come up with a good fake one. I was literally laughing on the bus after shoving that old bitch, knowing you guys were gonna facepalm. Everybody looked at me funny :frowning:

Man, stop postin’ threads like this. We revived the CST for a reason.

I never said Laundry Month, that was @Vynce he came up with that gem.

Im trying to come up with a good story for punching a newborn.

Resisting urge to make a thread entitled “I just shaved an old lady.” But not nearly as hard as I’m resisting the urge to actually do it.

Need a mod to time out Sov and his bullshit tbh :triumph:

That’s been about 6 years coming…

Have you ever been banned before, Sov?

God damn it SoVi3t. Such a fucking pussy. This is how I handle old ladies.




edit: I posted outside of GD before coming here.

do both?

I posted a good one in there that got like 2 likes and zero replies.

Is this the “I fuck up the elderly” thread? Because I beat the shit out of two old black chicks for breaking into my grandma’s house. Not my fault, they were completely decked out in jackets and ski masks. Probably wouldn’t have changed anything tho.

Props to Soviet. That’s a legitimate feel-good story. Tired of these old white bitches thinking they’re invincible. ¡Viva la Revolución!

THAT is the feel good story of the summer. Remarkable I thought that then read what you said.

Bitches want too many free rides. Earn your keep, wench.

Admit it… If she was fat you would have been dusting off that old pussy with your tongue.

Next I want you to punch a person in a wheelchair!
Right in their stupid, crippled face!

Eldergod kicks 4 old ladies before he even gets out of bed.

No spit this time?

You got soft.

Fuck these Old ass Ladies that be driving to Church Sunday morning. Almost got into an accident cause the Old Hag tries to cut me off in the turning lane cause she was about miss her turn!


Can a nigga get some Likes?!?

I have

3 times