I just started collecting comics

So far i have: Transformers: generation1(when dreamwave took it over), ultimate x-men graphic novels 1-3, batman hush volume1+2, dark knight returns, batman: the long halloween n dark victory, batman:year one, batman: arkham asylum, watchmen, ronin,all the marvel zombies issues.

Anyways i just recently found out about the sf comics and only own issue#8 from the first series and issue#6 from SF2 but they were the last copies and the local stores say there hard to find so can someone tell me an online store where i can find ALL the sf comics (only power foil editions) from both sf n sf2? Also i’m a li lconfused on where each series starts does the orginal run from issue#0-14? cuz sf2 starts from issue#1 and i can’t find any info on the original sf series online so all help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to be asking sicne this is the sf comic forum but what other comics/GN’S/TPB’s do u ppl suggest? other then ultimate spidey which i know is a given and are there any other good transformer books? i really liked the one dreamwave put out.

SFII’s only on issue #3.
SFI has an inconsistency in artwork due to the huge team that worked on the series.
SFII slimmed down to just alvin and an inker/colorist. You can start fresh and buy issues 1-3 of SFII and see if you like it. if you do, then hunt down the SFI issues

I agree with tokoyama. BTW, I was able to get a hold of the blanka powerfoil. Rita was literally playing stupid (comics n stuff off plaza) as I had mentioned to her before hand that she had none. what happened is that she actualy sold my copy outright to someone else forgetting the fact that she knew I ask for those as well. Sucks ass.

So even tho on the back it says foil cover#17 then i must have sf2 #3 (foil ehonda cover) cuz it says so on the first page n the sf1 foil cover w/sakura says foil cover8 so it’s issue#8 lol my mistake. So if sf2 starts at issue#1 then did sf1 start at#0 or #1? cuz i can’t find any sf1 foils on ebay but at least they got sf2 #1 n #2 so is there a site where i can order sf1 foils?

hm, shoulda asked me earlier. Southern Comics in clairemont has SFII #1 and #2 foils in comic boxes already. they’re selling for $12.95 each. the honda cover is still out on the wall for show. Comics n’ stuff on el cajon also has a couple just sitting there. so if you’re missing any foil covers from SFI or SFII, give those places a call/visit

and orochizoolander:
foil covers numbering starts with the Chun Li #1 foil from SFI. yeah, some comic stores get the issue numbers fucked up too.
try this site for sf comics- http://cyberstore.decepticon-matrix.com/morecomicsstreetfighter.html make sure you don’t miss the link to the SFII comics. also, www.clubudoncomics.com has some exclusives so you might want to check that out as well.

O shit thx lot but i have to ask is there a foil street fighter #0? cuz that’s the only issue i see with no foil cover and what are the RAW issues? are they just the same issuesb ut without color?

#0 has no foil variants. Street Fighter’s first series had a couple of special Dynamic Forces variants but that’s it. The RAW issues are the issues with the pencil art giving information on the artist on what they were trying to achieve with their art, it can give a little bit more info. For the price though the page quality is terrible. These started with the Street Fighter II issues.

BTW if you ever want to go after the original series try these two sites:
Hero Fix
Rupps World