I Just Thought of a Pretty Interesting Concept For a Movie

I have no idea if this is even remotely plausible but I thought about this and I thought that this would be a movie SRK would probably want go out to see.

Btw…I don’t even know if this concept has been done before. If it has been done before, then that means I’m writing stories that have already been written :arazz:. But I was just sitting here smoking on a cigarette and my mind wandered off someplace and all of a sudden thought of a concept for a movie. I like intelligent movies like Vicki Christina Barcelona and The Royal Tennenbaunms (SP) and I think this could fall into that type of ‘quirky’ movie category.

In any event, here is my concept for this random movie: There are 8 people. 4 men and 4 women ranging in ages 24 to 46. They all differ in race, wealth, intelligence so on and so fourth. They all live in NYC and they all go about doing whatever it is that they are doing. Eating shopping working the basic shit. Now…mid way through the movie, each person will come in contact with the other person in a very unique manner. It would be as if that person would have been there in the nick of tine. Like for example, if a man is on his cell phone waiting to cross the street and he’s not paying attention to the car coming down the road at a speed that, while won’t kill you, will do lots of bodily harm, steps off a curb and another person yanks him back. Most people would say ‘He sure caught him in the nick of time.’

Now here is the interesting part: I want the interaction between the people to be so important and yet not so important that it would require 2 different branches. I would want one plot turn to go down the path of how would those peoples lives changed if their interaction ended on a negative note (example being man gets hit by a car) and on a positive note (man didn’t get hit by car).

I don’t really know if that makes sense but I don’t know. Hell I’d watch it.

There’s a movie about this… it’s about some chick who gets hit by a train or whatever. In one instance she doesn’t get hit and she goes home to find out that her husband is cheating on her. She goes off and finds some new dude. The other instance is she does and she doesn’t find out that he’s cheating on her and lives on not knowing she’s being cheated on blah blah blah blah blah… In both instances she finds her way to the new dude.

For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the movie.


Sounds like maybe Crash?

Your movie was called Sliding Doors. It stars gwyneth paltrow and it was wack.

Sliding Doors.

Something similar. But for example what if the cop let that woman burn in her car? Or if that Arabian store clerk shot that little girl. I’d want to see how their lives would have played out.

Your movie sounds like a terrible way to spend the evening. I rather have a movie with guy the gets hot by a meteor and turns into a black superman, then uses his awesome rubber muscle suit powers to fix all the problems in the hood, then Bill Cosby(playing a bum) would come out and save the day when ever the hero got into trouble.

But what we really need is a R rated horror flick that is actually SCARY.

Interesting. I might have to watch it.