I just want to Lariat! :(

I don’t considerer my execution terrible. I’m not Desk, that’s for sure, but I’m not bad either, I can consistently do the Dash cancel combos with Ogre and things like that.

But Hugo’s Lariat… Cmon!! It’s just a HCF mioton, wich I can do perfectly well in the middle of combos, but when I try to use it to punish pokes on a footise game, it’s like the most random thing ever.
Basicaly I do HCF+LK and Hugo does

  1. Lariat backdash cancel
  2. Lariat dash cancel
  3. Backbreacker (okay this one might be execution error)
  4. the “running grab” thing (wtf how can a HCF become a 360??)

Anyone else having this problem? I’m particulary annoyed by the backdash cancel, since i’m just doing a HCF, how can the game understand a back-back input?

Any tips to avoid this?

I’m noticing that this happens a lot during online play, but no so much on training mode and offline versus.

Maybe it’s the rollback netcode or something? I’m probably saying some BS right now, but losing a match because a guaranteed Lariat didnt come out or was canceled in a backdash (how the hell lol) is really, really annoying

It seems you’re problem was solved yet you posted again as if you didn’t read the solution so here it is again lol.

Yeah I think the main problem is that you’re doing a HCF when all you need is a QCF. I seem to have trouble with getting backbreakers and occasionally the meat squasher when trying to do a Lariat when I’m under pressure online. The meat squasher has to be because I’m going slightly up (it’s weird though because normally I’m coming from :db: it seems like this game is too lenient with the 360s). I’m not sure why I get the backbreaker though…maybe it’s lag?