I keep buying/starting games but never get around to playing them. Normal?


I’m beginning to think that I am turning into a videogame “collector” of sorts. Its becoming increasingly difficult to buckle down and play a game all the way through. The strange part is I enjoy the games that I play, so I dont have a real reason for not finishing them. I think that being a FG player causes my attention to more easily focus on that, but at the same time there are fighting games that I started to “learn” and I gave up on those too…so IDK.

So I just pulled out my gaming chest and I literally have this many games that are incomplete going across 5 different consoles:

-Darksiders II (havent even started)
-Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (havent even started)
-Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (havent even started)
-Jak 3
-Yakuza Dead Souls
-Onimusha Dawn Of Dreams
-Sleeping Dogs (havent even started)
-Infamous Second Son
-Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate
-No More Heroes
-Killer Is Dead
-Dragons Dogma
-Tekken Revolution (havent even started)
-Brothers (havent even started)
-Remember Me (havent even started)
-Dragons Crown
-King Of Fighters 13
-Bleach Soul Resurrection
-El Shaddai
-Street Fighter X Tekken (havent even started)
-Mark Of The Ninja (havent even started)
-Skullgirls (havent even started)
-Injustice Gods Among Us (havent even started)
-Laura Croft & The Guardian Of Light
-League Of Legends
-Marvel Heroes
-Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
-Halo 3
-Ascend Hand Of Kul (havent even started)
-Dead Rising 2 Case Zero (havent even started)
-Assassins Creed

Outrageous right? I dont understand. I cant be the only person who does shit like this.

And I keep buying more games and stacking them on top. Maddening.


I will call this, the death cargo effect

give money, don’t play game. Might as well not even have a game, just give the money!

& you were giving shaqfu2 all that good shit :nono: (but came around? ok then-- No “list threads” :nono: )

Dead Rising Case Zero is plenty short. Maybe an hour tops? You could die at the last boss by not being ready or want to explore after you’re done to extend that time beyond that though, to find everything. Like learning how to get in the gun store, which helps you fight that boss with more ammo, that has a survivor mission, etc.

Its a billion times worse for so many people on Steam with owned game lists, so don’t worry about it, and don’t worry about them having all those games they will never play also.


Get a computer and pirate.

You will save tons of money.


This is totally normal and you’ll probably follow one of several paths. Namely

-Abandon video games about 99% of the time and play them in small spurts
-Collect video games just to have them
-Stop buying them all together and forget about them

There are shades of degrees in there, but these are the extremes I’ve seen. I fall into the first one, personally. When I was in college I saw myself buying all sorts of “must play” video games but never getting around to them. Time became limited with work, school, band, and normal socializing that the only time I had to play video games was when it was a fighting game. Those are still pretty good for light socializing and is pretty much ALL the gaming I do these days outside of small spurts of L4D2 to let my brain refresh from work.

It’s part of life. As a kid you have all the time in the world. As an adult, not so much whether you’re rich or poor. I suggest you just stop buying games and watch how much money you save.


I want to play them I just feel so overwhelmed. Theres really no logic to this story, I’m on a month long vacation…I should be playing these games right now but…I’m here.

And yes I probably would save a shit ton of money. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on my gaming addiction. I need to get fucking married.


Dont give up one terrible investment for an even worse one.


I fall into the buy and never open/ play camp. I own something like 400 x360 games and close to 100ps3 games i will bet that maybe of those 150 may still be factory sealed. Now note these are not rare heck im sure most you can find in a 5$ bin. Its an addiction lol. That and i buy thinking im gonna play then i just end up playing some online game, cod, sf4, diablo3 its a terrible cycle that i need to stop lol its such a huge waste of money in the long run.

I gave already cut back to only buying AAA titles that im hyped for and any rpgs that are released if it does not fall into that category i try to ignore it.


I was doing the same shit. I stopped. I only buy now if I see an old or rare game at reasonable price. Or cop something cheap off psn. That I do play right tben. Im in a financial rut in a sense so its making me actually utilize my backlog


i’m kinda the same way.
i do play them ,but i buy way to many to keep up with especially since i’m a fan of jrpgs.
if i get nintendo games however most of the time i’ll put other stuff on hold and play those.

also just because it’s a game and you have it doesn’t mean it’s worth your time
here i’ll help you out

There the games on that list that don’t suck.
i also removed fighting games because those can cut infinitely into your time with other titles.
except for sfxt i removed that one because it sucks ass.


Pretty damn normal. I started FF13 in January and only recently beat it. In between that I’ve been playing other stuff that interests me more. I started Assassin’s Creed in October and haven’t finished it still. Basically its what strikes you as enjoyable and what you’re in the mood for. Most don’t want to play shitty games and don’t have the time or patience for it. There’s too many other fish in the sea.


Man this is 100% normal. Especially if you buy shit from steam sales or humble bundles.

Hundreds of games that are sold under $5 and no time to play them.


sounds like a member of cheapassgamer


This usually happens when you buy games really cheap, especially if they’re digital games. I have a bunch of Steam games that I haven’t touched. I got download codes for some games that I haven’t even redeemed.



**See this picture…this is a picture of the OP and the shirt he was bragging about a few months ago. Same guy that was dissing some kid that got racially profiled for buying a belt, because he didn’t like the fact that the kid saved up his money to pay for something he wanted. Meanwhile we have just been exposed to the fact that like a fat old woman that watches too much QVC, this nigga can’t control his own spending habits.

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Combining emulators, legit bought games, PS+ “owned” games, Steam, trying to get better at TTT2 with misc. Socal sessions/WNF before Evo, and the occasional smartphone distraction, all while living an adult life, I need to hit the lottery in order to clear my fucking backlog.

I also find myself enjoying Youtube/Twitch moreso than playing games. Never did I think as a kid I would grow up preferring watching the tube than manipulating the tube’s third party distractions…


Welcome to the club nigga :coffee:


Man, I have less than 10 games, and I only play two of them on a regular basis. What you are doing is normal, but it is an addiction. Do you get some type of pleasure just from the purchasing of things? This behavior is not really bad, unless it becomes a monetary drain.


At least you admit you probably won’t play this shit. Steam motherfuckers have 1000 games and say, “I have so many games, I’ll be occupied for the next few years!” In reality they’ll play 20 of those games tops and continue to buy stuff.


Sell them and use the money for something else that would be more beneficial? I remember I had a collection of SNES games that I’d dabble into but not beat, eventually I had other things I wanted to get and sold them. As the saying goes "you can’t take shit with you after your dead"
maybe not so appropriate for this but you know.


my backlog is scary now. I am hella disappointed I picked up Skyrim, then just never really fucking played it much :frowning:

I picked up a bunch of fighting games (TTT2, KoFXIII, DoA5, others too), and they’re mostly still in the plastic wrap. Fucking video game hoarders, we’ve become.