I keep getting QCF x's 2 inputs on accident when doing cr. F to either F dp or F QCF combos or strin


Wut do?


go to neutral?


still u1


what are you using for your controller? just need to practice more and more so you get better execution and a cooler hand.


Madcatz Pro Fight stick.


That should be impossible if you are playing on an arcade stick…unless you actually perform the fireball with a button that is assigned PPP.

Key is not ending the dragonpunch in forward, end it in a down-forward.

cr.mk xx dp
easiest way is to do down, down-forward, down, down-forward, during the cr.mk already hold down-forward.


Not sure if English is your first language… Are you talking about C. Viper or something? Are you mistaking Ultra or Super?.. I dunno. -_-


I don’t understand. Is english your first language? wut do is a meme…


Anyways, I’m cr.FP (while holding down back) I very very briefly release into neutral, then forward, down, diagonal down forward.
I have not actually looked at what is being inputted in training mode, though. It could be full of unintended inputs. Also, I play online, so there is that, too.


Sorry i just saw:

Wut do?
still u1
mad catz pro fight stick

Can you really blame me? .-.


Oh. Most were typed on a phone with a cracked screen. I can only caveman speak on it, but on the internet it is usually the norm.


The last thing we should be doing is encouraging a foundation of sloppy execution. Yeah, it might work fine for SF4, but it’ll be a crutch he’ll have to get rid of sooner or later when he plays other fighting games.

If you’re getting qcfx2 moves while trying to do a crouching attack xx DP, then you need to clean up your execution, plain and simple. I’d wager that if you were to go into training mode and look at your inputs, you definitely will find a lot of extra inputs.

The most probable reason you’re getting qcfx2 moves instead of DPs is because of the input shortcuts built into the game. Again, cleaner execution is the solution, and to achieve that you’ll just need to practice.

If you really were going to neutral and getting any of these

DB + HP, F, DF, D, DF
DB + HP, F, DF, D, DF, F
DB + HP, F, DF, D, DF
or preferably
DB + HP, F, D, DF

Then there would be no way you’d get a qcfx2. In order for qcfx2 to come out, you need at least 1 other forward (df or f) motion and for the motion to end in forward. What does that tell me? That rather then going to neutral, you’re rolling your stick up to forward, then going back down, then ending your motion in forward. So your motions will look like these.

DB + HP, D, DF, D, DF, F which would result in qcfx2
DB + HP, D, DF, F, D, DF, F which would result in qcfx2

Gotta get used to briefly releasing the stick (going to neutral), then getting it directly to forward. If you do that, and make sure not to end your motion in forward, then you won’t get qcfx2s.


You’re right, it’s bad practice to suggest the shortcut, eventhough i don’t use it myself… However one might prefer this input over the traditional one for doing it from a crouching position.
Advice still partly stands, just focus on ending it in df and not further and you’ll never get a super, ever.


Thanks everyone. I’m getting less random Ultras. I think I have just gotten better at FFF in general, which has forced me to improve cr.F -> DP


If you’re getting random ultras instead of DP…quit hitting all 3 buttons…