I keep mashing with my fightstick

I just cant stop mashing the stick whenever I want to do a move. If i try to do it easily and fluent, I’ll get a shoryuken instead of my ultra. Or Ill just jump around like an idiot trying to block. Also no matter how much I practice, I just cant seem to get dashing right.

I need some tips.

You’re not practicing correctly.

Read this for suggestions:


I read your guide. Didnt help.

I cant seem to NOT mash when im trying to link or cancel. Theres just not enough time to do it slowly and 100% accurately.

You just need to practice more. There isn’t a magic answer for your problem.

How are you practicing exactly?

Im in training mode, using Ryu as the most basic character vs Ken (the most picked online character). I usually do hadoken about 100 times both sides, then shoryuken 100 times both sides.

But when I get into matches and I try simple combos and cancels I fuck up and my character is all over the place because im trying to do inputs and its not cooperating.

The only reason why you feel that there is not enough time to do your things slowly and accurately is the lack of trust. Be it from you to the stick or you thinking you lack execution.

The only real solution is practice, practice and more practice. Not only practice with execution but practice understanding what you and your controller can do with each other. It is, after all, your controller is the extension of you. If you can’t work with the stick, you can’t go anywhere from there. If the problem does lie in execution, then you have to slow down, go into training mode and just practice basic execution. Keep playing around, keep practicing and you’ll start to solidify that execution. It’s all gonna take time.

Edit: Have you tried practicing those combos in training mode? What you’re describing is very bare basic, there’s more to practice than throwing fireballs at a dead dummy all day.

u should practice the combos in training mode until they feel fluid and natural

instead of doin 8 hundred thousand fireballs and uppercuts

I assume you’re practicing the combos from both sides as well?

If you can do stuff consistently in training mode but can’t in match, you might just have a case of the jitters. This will improve naturally as you get used to playing people. I remember back in the day, I used to get an adrenaline rush and increased heart rate when I put a coin in the machine. Are you spazzing because you’re playing a person.

If you’re to the point where you’re nailing execution 100 times in a row in training but mashing like hell in match, you just need more experience playing with people. Honestly though, if you’re still having problems dashing, that indicates to me you still aren’t comfortable with using a stick.

The matches could also be laggy as hell. Are they? If you have a ton of input lag, it will screw with your execution.


It sounds like you have the execution of your specials down pat, but it’s gonna take more than that as I’m sure you’ve figured out already. Maybe try practicing bnb combos in training mode; then turning the cpu on or going into arcade mode and just work on slowing down. Work on trying to slow down and relax under the pressure of an opponent; thinking about what you want to do BEFORE you start pressing any buttons rather than mashing around in an effort to try and force your fingers to catch up with your thoughts or intentions.

Rugg, it’s no biggie. Just have to practice, there is no way to get good with a stick overnight. I’ve been playing with a stick for almost a year and I’m still terrible, I have the same problem you do. I’ve been playing SF since 1992, so I’m correcting years of bad habits now and it isn’t easy in the least. Another thing I would reccomend is looking at videos on youtube, I feel like it helps. And watch some of these videos here -> http://www.youtube.com/user/gilleybaba. I feel like being able to see his hands in the Guile videos is a good reference because you can see his timing and he didn’t mash it out either. I found that helpful, I hope it helps you too.

  1. Make a video if you can
  2. Practice the basic combos:
    cr. HP xx SRK
    cr. MK xx Hadoken
    cr. MK xx (EX if your Ken) Hurricane Kick

Then go into player matches and search for same skill or stability.

Don’t go into the fights trying to win them just yet. Go into them looking for the situations to throw in your combos.

Concentrate on remaining fluid. Don’t concentrate on being the last guy standing. Once your execution is down under pressure then start worrying about winning.

If you’ve just started with the stick then don’t worry, even if you’re a month in. Executing something in training mode and trying to get them off in a real match can be difficult if you don’t know where to try and land it, or if you’re actively looking for it during the match you’ll get nervous and mess it up. It took me a while to stop mashing with my stick and get the timing down fluid but you’ll get it eventually. Try training with someone you know regularly on top of training mode to try and rid the nerves during a real match.

A big thing to keep in mind is, your practiced motions will come out much faster than they feel like when you’re under pressure, ie. vs another player. Just chill out, relax, and be aware that even if it feels exactly the same to you, when the adrenaline is pumping you just need to slow it down and focus on getting the motion right.

Play against other people as often as possible to get your timing down and take the edge off the rush of facing another player.

Problem is you just haven’t been training on stick long enough to have it really ingrained in your muscle memory. You can do it in training mode when you have time to think about the combo and think about the position of your hands before executing it. But you haven’t gotten to the point where your combo comes out automatically when you see an opening. The only real way to help with it is practice, a lot.

I try the motions on the stick, but the moves just dont come out at all.

On SF3 & SFA3, it just doesnt work. I try QCFx2 but I only get a hadoken. It seems to only work at random. When I try doing the input fast it doesnt work. What are some tips you guys use with QCFx2 supers and a squaregate stick? (tournament edition) for Alpha3/SF3?

Oh and what is a good strategy for cancelling? It seems whenever i try to cancel it just doesnt work and it just simply ignores my input and finishes the animation of the normal, no matter how fast I do it.

make sure on that last QCF you don’t reset the stick to neutral. Keep it pointed forward while you activate your buttons

right as the attack lands you should already have done your input and be pressing the button for the attack. The window is very small for most characters.

go into practice mode and turn on button display and do your moves to see what you’re doing wrong. you might be pressing up/forward instead of forward for example when you think your hitting the forward input. i wouldn’t recommend using sf4’s button input display because it’s confusing as hell. go into another game that has it to see the correct inputs that you actually make on your stick.

Cancels don’t really have a technique, just make sure you aren’t mashing it and actually know when to hit mp, mk. There are certain techniques for moves, like fireball, you can use the fwd of the fireball motion then hit mp, mk and tap fwd once and it should cancel dash, I much prefer doing it normally though.