I kinda miss Sep

It aint’ the same knowing he isn’t around to mod anymore.

ngga you gay.

i think you meant to post in this thread

sep isn’t a mod anymore?!

No, he had a verbal dispute with another mod.

I don’t see him posting here anymore either. A shame.

His profile says he hasn’t been here since that fateful day.

Actually, it was more of him repeatedly dissing Xbox 360/hyping PS3 as per the usual, and when told to stop by Wiz he didn’t, thus he got the boot as a mod. And apparently stopped posting on SRK in general.

It makes me sad because he gave me GoW Collection and XBL points :sad:

I miss him too. Come back to ussss. :frowning:

Console wars are so 2007. Ugh.

yeah thats kind of a stupid thing to leave for.

my nigga Sep used to post about dinosaurs, i miss that dino love

GD has been sucky and tame since he left for some reason. Find myself reading/posting less as a result. :confused:

Same here

I’ll play a Blu-ray movie in his memory :frowning:

any reason why he left?

That, basically. After that he just stopped posting.

i agree. getting salty over fanboyism isn’t a good reason to leave.

like i always make fun of yankee fans and laker fans. they are horrible human beings. but at the end of the day i’m cool with those fools.

I knew the specifics, but seeing as how every time I see people refer to the incident they call it “The fateful day,” I got the impression that said specifics were taboo. He did get in a dispute with a mod though (Ronin, was it? I believe Ronin actually came into the PS3/360 threads and said “Hey now, cut that out,” and it didn’t end.)

Either way, the PS3 and the 360 are equal. Everyone got that?

Actually GD has been sucky since SFIV came out.

Anyway, kinda lame that my asian mod got the boot.