I Knew it was UltraDavid!


I freaking knew it!

As I was standing in line at the Subway in the Levy Center on Georgetown’s campus last week, I saw a face that looked oddly familiar. Upon closer examination, I came to realize that this HAD to be UltraDavid. But then doubt began creeping into my mind, “How is UltraDavid here at Georgetown? I thought he was on the west coast? How does he attend all these tournaments if he’s on the east coast?”

Unfortunately, I may not get another chance to shake hands with a commentating demi-god, as I have graduated from Georgetown and am moving out of Washington D.C. tomorrow. Salt runs thick through my veins.

Hopefully I can make it to some east coast tournaments in the future and meet some of you fine folks in person (which should be somewhat easier now that I’ll actually be making money).


He went to law school in DC (where I played in tournaments with him regularly) so it’s not that surprising coming from me any way. Used to have him over my house quite often before he become a commentating god. He’s in transition often from his homeland in Cali to DC because of his job.


I remember when he wasn’t even called David just that “that white guy that plays Q”. Oh, how you’ve grown up become a man David sheds a tear


wow…just wow.


Who the hell is Ultradavid…


Did you pull down his pants and try the 3 inch sub?


Get bodied.

By the 3-inch sub. :lol:


I hear that comes with a complimentary protein shake.


That protein shake got that extra salt.


Haha I did go to Georgetown, but that was 3 years ago. And the law school is separate from the rest of the campus (good thing, I hate the actual Georgetown area). And I’ve been back to DC a few times since, but it’s been a while since the last one. So, no, it wasn’t me.

I mean, you know white people, pretty much all look the same. Especially in Georgetown.

PS hey guys!


My bad then.


I think Daigo and Tokido work at the sushi shop near my house.


Are they living in MarkMan’s backyard too?


did you and ultradavid have sex?


I want bacon on my Rueben!


the infamous ultradavid?

the INfamous? what’s that mean?

i think it means, more than famous