I know its a stretch but its worth a try


This is a gake widely regarded by those who play it as a sort of dead game My hero ones justice. So I thought it might be a good idea to show what an actual match in this game looks like between S tier and F tier.

My character Gran Torino is F tier
My opponent, Endeavor is S tier.

A number of you may already dislike the gamr due to the tracking but there is always something to dislike about a game. In some cases during the game there are a lot more cons than pros such as the stuff that happens in game or certain character strategies.

I didnt make this video sole for this post but if you are curious what a good match in the game looks like the first round is a prime example.

Our community is small so nit a lot of people are taking part in actual character discussion, its mainly posts about spamming and all sorts of scrub lord things.

This is an arena fighter, dont let that stay you away. I just thought I’d try and show actual footage of the game to the FGC. It cant hurt to try.