I know it's late


But I just got into the whole world of Street Fighter, and if some of my questions could be answered I would very much appreciate it.

  • I got what is known as a fightpad to play the game, and notice it is incredibly hard to do a ultra by pressing the face buttons and just press the right bumper to ultra. If anyone has a custom standard button setup for pad, please let me know, unless everyone presses bumper to ultra.
    -I want to start out by learning Rose, but many people say use Yun. Any help on that one?
    -How do you perform shortcuts on pads? I typically do the full srk motion, but apparently there’s a pro way of doing it without doing the full input.

Thank you guys.



If you’re using pad, just use the bumper for ultras, even EX moves. People say to use Yun because he is “top tier” and Rose is “bottom tier”, but you can ignore than and just play with who you like. Yun is also much easier to get results with than Rose, but if you enjoy Rose try her out. The Rose forums are a good place to look for information to help your Rose game.

Shortcuts vary. I think the srk shortcut is forward, downforward, forward (skip the down motion). Could be wrong, don’t rely on shortcuts too much myself.


downforward, down, downforward


downforward, downforward


ninjatjj is correct, although I wouldn’t recommend doing the shortcut.


Wrong. The shortcut has to move between down-forward and any down or any forward direction. DF, D, DF is generally the best choice because it keeps you crouching. DF, Neutral, DF is generally slower to do and can cause you to rise a bit, making it easier for you to get hit. Also, in this game, as goofy as it is, the shortcut often is the preferred method because of that. If you do DF, D, DF you’ll stay ducking and keep your hitbox low.


Point 1 - I use madcatz fightpad as well. I use right bumper for PPP or KKK (Only PPP really as I main Cody and both his Ultras are PPP) and the left bumper for throw (but I tech with the LP/LK buttons oddly). Don’t map focus attack to one button, just learn how to hit the two middle buttons.

Point 2 - Just play who you want to play. Do as many trials as you can and see who you like the feel of best. Try to get your head around charge Characters though as well as Shoto. I always played shoto style button moves (i.e. Ryu, Ken) since Megadrive days and really regret never learning how tyo play charge characters and now I can’t get my head around it at all.

**Point 3 - **Dont do them. Its pussy. :wink:


The shortcut requires 3 inputs and DF, DF isnt valid.

See thread here for why:


I’m playing on the Fightpad too and almost use the buttons like I’d do with a stick, not using the bumpers at all. 6 Button Layout so useful.
Using the bumper is fine (and pretty much necessary) if you hold it like a pad, but im using 3 fingers for the buttons and then its pretty easy to hit PPP or KKK.

For choosing a main: Just play what you want to. Here I posted a lot more on that topic. First line fits you as well: These kind of threads are generally better placed in the Newbie Section (Saikyo Dojo)

For shortcuts, refer to this. Still, if you don’t have problems executing the basic motion, just keep at it (even if you did have problems it would probably be better to practice than taking the easy way out).


Whatever work you put into Yun now, you won’t be able to take full advantage of because of the nerfs he’s getting in AE v. 2012 come next month. Even then, I wouldn’t suggest playing Rose. She requires great execution (all her useful links are 1-framers), has the lowest damage output in the game, has weak reversals and very little comeback factor. She’s a pretty demanding character to play well and even more so to win with. You’ll develop strong fundamentals playing her (footsies, AA, blocking, frame-trapping ability, reading) but you’re going to have to put in a lot of work. If you want to develop good fundamentals without gimping yourself too much, play Ryu instead.


at your level (or mine.) playing top tier characters dont matter at all.

a poor rose will thrash a beginner yun any day of the week. pick who you like, and enjoy the game.

and controller use need those bumpers so dont worry about that.


One the one hand, this is true that a complete beginner may get turned off from the game if they find that they aren’t being rewarded enough.
However, I would like to say f*** that s*** because having someone learn a character that not too many people use opens up opportunities to improve that character’s game. This is how the metagame evolves, and I for one welcome new strategies. This is why I liked the growth of Super Smash Bros. Melee when it was still being played.

So I would also like to say to lenny to just stick with Rose for now and don’t go blindly over to Yun just because others have told you it’ll be easier. Instead, if you choose to switch to Yun, only do so because YOU have found that you like playing him over other characters.