I Know So Much But Understand So Little (UMVC3)


I am trying to level up my UMVC3 play and have been doing a lot of theory fighting and research and soul searching to find a team i can feel good playing without tierwhoring and feeling dirty. Now i want to take it a step further and learn deeper the inner workings of certain aspects of UMVC3 that I seem to be struggling with. Chicken Blocking, Air Throwing, Double Jumping, Advancing Guard and Throw Teching. I understand what they mean or are used for but I need some one to explain the inner workings of each if possible and why certaincscenarios take place.

ex. Chicken Blocking - The opponent is blocking on incoming from a snap back or dead character i notice sometimes you can hit them in the air and then attack them low as they land on the ground or with a low attack and even though they are blocking they still get hit. Why and how can i replicate that consistently?

Air throwing - does the timing or direction on the d-pad matter when you try to air grab some one also how much does frames of recovery play a part in the window of time you have to air grab someone that flips out of a combo due to hitstun deterioration?

Double jumping - can this be used as a viable option for an incoming character to avoid mixups also how strict is the timing on double jumps for combo usage?

Advancing guard - do you press the buttons for this while the hit lands and you are technically in block-stun or after the hit has landed and you are in full block-stun?

Throw Teching - Does range or blockstun play an important role in this?

sorry if i am not making much sense clearly or if this was covered as to how i have asked it. just trying to better understand my weak-points and up my play level. also im down for anyone wanting to run sets and provide advice or matchup experience. my PSN = ZALGO_COMETH


Chicken Blocking: Probably just weren’t blocking low when they landed.

Air-throw: Depending on what direction you’re holding when you throw them (back or forward), your character will do either a forward or back airthrow. This can make a big difference, as some characters have a big difference between their two ground throws and airthrows. For example, Doctor Doom’s b+H airthrow is very easy to combo off of because it puts your opponent into hard knockdown. f+H is harder to combo off of midscreen though. An opponent can be thrown as long as they’re not in blockstun or hitstun.

Double Jumps: Maybe. Depends, as some incoming setups are done in such a way that you just have to deal with them. For example, teams using Dante’s Jam Session assist will force you to block as you come in so you don’t get hit by it. Because of it’s huge vertical range, double-jumping doesn’t really matter. If their incoming attack isn’t done meaty, in that your character isn’t forced to defend as soon as they come in, then maybe you can escape with an airdash or double jump.

Advancing Guard: Anytime you’re in blockstun.

Throw teching: If you’re in blockstun you can’t be thrown. Since teching requires you to defend against the enemy’s throw attempt, your own throw range doesn’t matter.


Just play the characters you want to play. Don’t worry about tiers. If you play a character that fits you, it’s easier to learn the game in my opinion.


i know, i get what ur saying. i main captain america, chris redfield, taskmaster. all three characters that i enjoy individually from their respective comics, universes, games. but at the same time not exactly top tier or filled with options in comparison to the likes of dr. doom, wesker, zero, vergil, dante, nova, spencer, etc, etc, etc. thats why i wanna put in the work to make them work and enjoy playign the game even though i get salty sometimes to some of the stuff i see the aforementioned characters pull off on.

thanks for the info. gonna have to banish myself to the lab some more i guess.


this guy is a dirty liar, dont listen to him, hes the same as those guys who are like oh yeah frank west is a great point for a new player, HES LYING, FFFFFFF


While I don’t agree with him entirely since there are some characters in UMvC3 you should really never pick (Lei Lei et al), it is also true that you will learn to play the characters you want to play correctly much faster if you just start playing them. Sure, you might take longer to start winning if you’re trying to pick up a harder team, but at the same time learning to play Magneto / Taskmaster / Sentinel won’t do much of anything to help you learn to play your Zero / Modok / Doom dream team.


tru dat. thats y i stuck it out with Captain America from vanilla marvel 3 days. was drawn to chris as a new team member wen UMVC3 came out so dropped deadpool and then finally dropped wesker cause got tired of all the hate mail and general lack of respect that wesker brings so dropped him and started playing strider but now im kinda tired of dying from a random hit because of such low life so im learning taskmaster to replace him.


use strider for the assist, and lvl 3 x factor, always 3rd


yea i always ran him as anchor but between my lack of execution and his low life it just wasnt working out for me even thou i really wanted it to. maybe wen i polish up my experience in the execution area ill revisit playing him but for now its not gonna happen.