I know there's gotta be an IC like this

Recently, I’ve been looking into LED mods, and am trying to gather together some parts, but I saw that PNP transistors are must for switchless set ups. Now, while I have no problem putting six of these into my stick, I was wondering if there’s an IC out there that is a 20-pin IC with COM and VCC for pins 11 and 1, respectively, and the other 18 for 6 PNP transistors. It only makes sense that an IC as simple as this would be out there, since integrated circuits are just series of transistors, basically… I drew up a rough sketch of what I’m looking for (and I’m aware that I numbered this wrong. Didn’t realize it until after I had already scanned it and uploaded it to photobucket. I’m sure you get the deal)


I know the pins are likely different than this, but if anyone could point me in a helpful direction, it’d be much appreciated =D