I know they have ps2 to ps3 adapters, but how about the opposite?

Well search isn’t being my friend today, but i was wondering if there was some sort of adapter so i can play with my ps3 stick on my ps2?
It won’t work now obviously, but i want one to play 3rd strike lol.
let me know guys!

I’m pretty sure such a thing doesn’t exist at all.

Nosir. The PS2 doesn’t accept USB input for games. I wouldn’t hold your breath for such a converter to be released either. The only USB to anything converters are the XCM products which are silly expensive and buggy.

damn… Well i have a Cthulhu board, would it be better to get one of those universal pcb’s and get a ps2 one incorporated, or just buy a HRAP2 and use that?
i am asking in terms of how it can play something because i heard that some sticks with the home button and etc randomly trigger on ps2 games.