I know this isn't a usual post...but

Does anyone think they can draw up a very evil, mordant grim reaper? with a raven/crow or some type of corvus. If possible make him look at EVIL as possible…jagged teeth…you’re the artist you know what i’m trying to get it. If you can’t do it out of the kindness of your heart then i’ll try to come up with a benefit for the artist…premium membership or something…or money (via money order) But if your not in it for the money and just in it for the challenge then take up this request. (i know some mod might say that requesting is meant for the IMM…Lol all we make there are avs and computer generated graphics.) So i found it more fit to go here. SFMC, Dreaded Fist…any help guys?

Thanks in advance…

Rock it till the day you die \m/