I like Button Noise!?!

first of all this is my first time ever buying a fighting stick. i got the madcatz marvel vs capcom 3 stick. everything seems fine, except the buttons didnt make a clicking noise. that is the one thing i didnt like about it. when pressed the sounds is just hollow. so my question is, is there any buttons i can replace that makes a clicking noise when pressed?? all the parts on my stick are sanwa. maybe i should order semitsu buttons???

get sanwa RG buttons. or just press really fast to make it go “clickity clackity”

what is RG??? i am looking at lizardlick store and dont see anything containing RG.

Seimitsu buttons will do closer to what you’re asking, but not exactly. They’re ‘harder’ to press, but they don’t ‘click’ like happ buttons do. If possible try them out on someone else’s stick, but if not, trust me. :slight_smile:

BUT is the happ buttons compatible with my stick? my stick currently has 30mm sanwa buttons.

HAPP buttons are 28mm.
Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons are 30mm. you can kinda get them to to sit… I’ve seen someone use 28mm button plugs on an SE.
the other problem you’re going to face is how deep the buttons go, its not really practical to get american parts into a JP stick, you’re better off getting an american stick made.

where can i find the american sticks?

If you want to buy an american stick, you’ll have to buy a MAS or get a custom done. According to this it seems MAS has gone out of business, so… probably have to buy it second hand from someone else.

Alternatively, you could modify and chop up Happ buttons to be short enough to fit in a TE or SE.

OBSF-30RG are a specialty type of Sanwa buttons that last much longer and are suspended by magnets instead of springs. They are available from akihabarshop.jp, lizardlick doesn’t carry them because they are a rather niche product.

RGs do not click. They feel the same as regular sanwa switches. Seimitsu buttons do not click either.

You will have to do a few expensive modifications to get snap action Sanwa Switches. If you cut away at the plastic in the middle of your TE where there are 8 holes you can then drop in the OBS-30A Sanwa buttons. You might need a dremel or something. I believe if you follow that link you will only need to buy the microswitch assembly using the drop down list. "OBS M-1"
AkihabaraShop.jp OBS-30A


After you get those in you will have to change the quick disconnects because the .110 quick disconnects for buttons on the TE are too small. You will need to cut off the smaller quick disconnects and strip and wire and crimp on .187 quick disconnects. Always buy 5 more than you need.

Then if those button microswitches are too stiff, replace them with cherry or e-switch switches for happ buttons.
Happ E-Switch

Ho can you not love the slaplaplaplap of Sanwa buttons.

WOW shipped all the way from tokyo itself. any store that is from usa? i bet the shipping is a killer.

EDIT: nevermind. anyways thanks for the replies guys. i will to learn to like it i guess.

Akihabarashop.jp is the only place that sells that and other niche products. It is going to be roughly $40 just for those switches. Roughly $12 shipping. Not too bad.

you know i was hoping for a button like that of a mechanical keyboard from razer. go and check that out on youtube. the clicking feel and sound on that keyboard is AMAZING! now if someone implemented that kind of button on fighting stick i would buy it day one.

Those clicks are from the Cherry MX Blue switches inside. I’m typing on a Cherry MX Blue keyboard now, and it’s pretty hot. Get some iL buttons or old stock Happ buttons and you’ll have Cherry switches in an arcade button with a similar clicky sound and feel, but they will not fit in Japanese panels like your MadCatz TE stick. The buttons rtdzign is talking about will fit, with some modifications to clear the switches. The switches that come in those buttons require something around 200g force to actuate if I remember correctly, meaning they are very, very stiff. Old Happ buttons are somewhere around 80g, and are considered pretty stiff for arcade buttons. You’ll probably want to swap in some Cherry switches or something, but I think that would require drilling out the metal piece in the switch enclosure; at least that’s the impression I got from Per when I asked.

I’m actually ordering some of these switches to test out with my next stick, with the idea of swapping in different types of microswitches to see how they feel. I have a bunch of matching switches to try out.

Btw, the Sanwa RG’s switches do actually click, as they have a similar microswitch design. The click is so quiet that you’d never notice it with the buttons installed in the stick, though.

I picked up a set from Per when I ordered my first PS360s. They definitely have the click sound and feel, but the switches are a little stiffer than your happ switches (cherry or e-switch). It’s possible to replace them, but the switches are fastened to the button with a pop rivet. Since they’re not the easiest things to get a hold of, I don’t want to try and drill the rivet out and ruin everything. Depending on things I may order a set of switches and try it on one of them.

As an aside, since the buttons connect like a Sanwa SW-68 (except from the bottom up, not the top down obviously) it’s possible to install them in a set of pearl or clear snap in Seimitsu buttons or the clear and pearl Rollie/Ponyboy buttons (though I can only confirm the plunger will work for sure on the rollie buttons; the switch will fit the Seimitsu snaps but I don’t know if the plunger would need to be modified to work)

Or if you can wait until April you could get the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition which comes with a happ filled stick. I does have the MK layout though, and costs $150 so I would try and mod your current sick.

You can still buy MAS-Sticks they are still being stocked at arcadeshock. So someones still apparently making them