I like Deadpool comics

So yeah…I used to be into comics…fell out…then thanx to wikipedia, I’m slowly catching up on the going-ons. I’ve been tryign to find a comic book series or two to get into, and the one thats piqued my intrest thus far has been the Deadpool/Cable comic. Does anyone know any other comics with a similar ‘comedic’ atmosphere?

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you like deadpool? rep for you

You should check out X-Force/X-Statix by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. That is essential.

Also, the Keith Giffen/J.M. DeMatteis run on Justice League was filled with plenty of humor - you might say their work popularized the comedic take on famous superheroes.

And if you’re ready to read something that is funny and able to blow away your mind, check out Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol.

Hero Squared, an indie comic published by Boom Studios, is another funny superhero comic. It’s also written by Giffen/DeMatteis.

You DO know Cable/Deadpool has been canned, right?


Well this news just ruined my morning.:tdown:

How many issues of Cable & Deadpool were there and were they released as TPBs? Might try picking them up.

Only read one issue because from the cover I thought they’d revived X-Man. I was wrong.

I don’t know how many issues were released but I know there is a TPB for the issues 1-6. There may be another one but I don’t know for sure.

Sincerest apologies, It does suck.

but my favorite thing about completed runs is this:

You know where it begins, and where it ends, and when you collect 'em all, you’ve got 'em all.

so, while it sucks that there soon will be no more, it was good while it lasted, and nothing can ever take THAT away.

There are 7 TPBs according to amazon.co.uk and they’re all less than 10 each.

Might get the whole series sometime soon.

I’d recommend Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. it is very humorous, and is about a bunch of D-list marvel characters trying to get a team together that works. Theres a Nick Fury parody named Dirk Anger who is one of the biggest source of laughs. Check it out for sure if you like Cable&Deadpool.

This is true at least you know you have the complete set. Do you know if they ended it in the middle of an arc? Hopefully it was not ended on a cliffhanger.

It’s not over yet. There are still a few issues left. I don’t think the ending will be too abrupt because the writer probably knew ahead of time that the title was ending. The reason it’s ending is because in a few months, Marvel is going to launch a brand new Cable solo series.

only to have it fail once again

See that is disapointing. Cable isn’t near interesting enough to have his own series. He is boring; hell Cable & Deadpool was only good becuse of Deadpool. He should be the one getting his own series.

I don’t know about that, Cable being a boring character. It just depends who is writing. Most of the time, Cable is written pretty lousy, but he has had at least two quality writers. Joe Casey wrote an amazing run on Cable that basically made him cool. And Mike Carey did some great stuff with him in recent X-Men issues.

Marvel said Ariel Olivetti is going to be the artist of the new Cable ongoing, but I don’t know who’s writing it. I bet they’ll probably get someone good. Anyone’s got to be better than Niceza. Except for Daniel Way. If he writes Cable, there’s no hope.

Writing definitly plays a role but I have never liked Cable anyway. He just doesn’t appeal to me. Anytime I ever read anything with him in it there was some kind of team dynamic. In general I don’t like psychics and without the techno virus being a big deal he seems grossly overpowered. Even in Cable/Deadpool the virus did not seem to be a problem anymore and he had much more controll over his power. I am sure there is a reason why but I have been out of the loop with comics for a while.

:yay: thanx for the replies. As typicl I’ll do a wikipedia search on the suggested entries to try and find some more info on them.

So the series is ending :confused: of course by the time the big guy gets interested or some shit - THAT happens. I’m stil ltrying to finish collecting all teh Death’s Head 2 comix.

PArdon my ignorance - what does tpb mean…

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Trade Paper Back I think. I am a little foggy on the definition but I think it is a compilation of issues in one larger issue. Anyone with more knowledge correct me if I am wrong.

nope, you hit the nail on the head.

a TPB/Trade Paperback/Trade is just a collection of previously published individual issues collected under one cover.

sometimes they’re called “Graphic Novels”, but that term is more loosely defined.

Ah, eah I was reading the ‘graphic novel’ of D&S - it was about Cable being split into several versionds of himself or someshit and Deadpool was trying to colelct him to kill him…I dunno but the whole way it played out with Sinister feeding him checken was hilarious to me.

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