I like SF3 2nd impact soundtrack better than 3rd strikes


it’s normal …
personally I think stages+character art (yeah and the skateboard intro too) are better in 2i than 3s. God those winning screens… just awesome. But gameplay-wise and voice-wise I prefer 3s, excepting for the old Bruce Lee-ish Yang voice, that one was pimp. But the old Alex sounded like a retard :lol:


I don’t know if I like 2i’s music over all, but yeah I do like the idea that it’s all laid back and chill. Definitely though, I wished they left Sean’s track from 2i in 3s. It’s dumb that he has to share his 3s track with Oro.


The ultimate combination: Dudley’s NG music with his 3S voice work. Nothing complements “let’s fight like gentlemen” like that smooth, soulful shit.


Favourite 2nd Impact soundtracks

Ibuki’s Sharp Eyes
Alex’s Jazzy NYC
Sean’s Sao Paulo
Dudley’s Leave Alone
Hugo’s Bottoms Up
Gill’s Nile

And what’s ironic is that their backgrounds are not only gorgeous (my favourites in that game) but they compliment the music perfectly.


The voices really suck, but the stages and music is definitely better IMO. Ibuki being gdlk tier is nice too.


Dudley’s NEW GENERATION song was too beast:



Urien sucked, but Sean was good.


Favorited.Shit make that my theme music.

Q theme FTW.


You sold me. That was pretty soulful. Someone rep this man.


I think that was from “New Generation”, not “2nd Impact”.

Here’s the correct one from 2I:



YO ! I think I wanna play 2ndI again…hitting up hold dat’s crib this weekend fo sho !!:nunchuck:

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The voices weren’t all bad, I prefer 2I Necro and Oro’s voices to their 3s versions.


I prefer almost every video game soundtrack out there compared to 3rd Strike. Only Marvel vs capcom 2 can compare with it’s shitty music.


Here is the Leave Alone MP3 and yes it’s from New Generation:



3s Music is way better. Alex in 2i sounds like Michael Jackson. “You cant Escape!!” lol


I don’t like 3rd Strike’s music as much aymore(Maybe I have played it so much that it’s not exciting anymore).

The voices are better though.I can agree with that.


Yeah, as said it was his NG song, but it WAS easily the best song in the game and one of the very best Capcom has ever done.

It may be a little better than his 3rd Strike song even, but the songs are way too different to compare.


Nice track. Thanks! :tup:


That dudley song is pretty dope.

  • 3S lost consistancy with the entire 3 series. 2nd Impact felt more like an upgrade to the original game than a sequel, but still, with only one original addition to the cast, and a rivalry, you could call it a “sequel”. 2nd was vibrant in aes. The backgrounds were full of life, and more reasons to hate on the “overanimated” look of the 3 series that some people despised at the time.

Music wise, yeah, I perfer it over 3S anytime. I couldn’t get over 2Is Elena theme and how much it has changed. Alex got a house remix theme in the exchange. Ken got a new theme for himself, and Urien’s debut gave him a sexy track. Overall, the soundtrack was more jungle, new jack swing, and house and had taken what was the foundation of the original OST themes and fine tuned it.

INFINITE(the lyricist who does the intro and the select screen vocals)'s involvement with 3rd Strike is one of the only things that saves it from being weak tier. Still, not enough exposure for him in the actual stage tracks is what hurts the tracks. The guys doing the instrumentals didn’t know the aimed genre, or feel of the game, well enough to make his contribution significant. If they had someone who could work with a rapper better and produce anime/game music flawlessly(let’s say, uh, Nujabes), it’d be a better OST than 2I.