I like to play Cammy, but do other people have fun playing AGAINST her?

I don’t have experience with this myself except in mirror-matches, but I’m just feeling some empathy for other players when I get the feeling it isn’t fun for other people to fight against Cammy as it is for me to play her, and thinking about that diminishes my fun playing her. The properties of her moves make the match become a total crouch-fest. Spiral arrow will do knock-down if you’re standing, so will lazer slicer, so will hooligan throw, so she encourages opponents to curl into a ball. Then there’s the divekicks. I’ve scarcely fought some good Cammy’s (and i’m not that good myself) but I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Rufus’ instant divekicks; it makes things too much of a guessing game.

So my feeling is that she forces everyone to play defensively, be it by keeping her out or just holding down-back. And when they DO play defensively it shuts down all her unpredictable knock-down moves and leaves her with the cannon-strike. I hear the TKCS was an engine glitch rather than legit move (although they acknowledge it as one in super since you need to do it in the trials)–I’d wager Cammy would be in a lot worse shape without it, as most of her game revolves around dive-kicking. But with it she becomes annoying. Once I got better at the dive-kicks I started to win alot more, so it seems a lot of her power hinges on that move.

Not that I think this is a big deal or anything, but I’m wondering if this is an opinion anyone else has arrived at.

Well, I don’t know if we’re the right persons to say that but I agree I play defensively against Cammys. I’ve never received any complaints from opponents who said they hated playing against Cammy, only gg stuffs… so I don’t think they don’t have fun against her.

And there are so few Cammys online compared to Kens and Ryus that I think people like changing opponents once in a while.

Usually when I fight a chatty fellow, I pick Cammy and I can hear him say “Oh great, Cammy!”, or just a sigh. As Data said, I play defensively vs mirrors, no need to rush down your opponent since CS will hurt. I dont necessarily enjoy fighting Cammy’s because its pretty much a spiral arrow fest, but because I understand her moves and the range of motion in all of her moves, I dont hate it either. Nothing suprises me in this matchup. I am, however, a sucker for hooligan throws. As many times as I use those in mixups, you’d think I would beat that move flawlessly every time. So I dont favor Cammy vs Cammy in my opinion, but I can deal with it.

As a Bison user I use a mix of defense and offense usually, it really just depends. As for how I feel about the matchup well wish I had something more reliable to deal with tkcs options are pretty much well timed ex pc or standing lk, the fact its a standing normal makes it very dangerous against Cammy beyond that its fine and I don’t mind fighting her all that much.

honestly, unless your facing like a good friend who isn’t all that great at the game, who gives a fuck if the other guy likes fighting against your character. their feelings should hold 0 sway in who you play as and what you do during the match.

for example, it might be scrubby as fuck to reversal or meaty dp 5+ times in a row, but if i’m facing someone lacking in the brain department who ALLWAYS meaty’s or allways tries to crouch tech or something on their wake… i don’t care if they think my repeated dp’s are scrubby, i think their constant button pushing is scrubby as fuck and i’m going to keep dping until they block and punish my ass. likewise if someone really doesn’t like facing cammy they will either deal with it to get me off the stick or they will get bodied and get knocked off the stick, either way they aren’t still playing my cammy lol

I main Cammy, but when I fight against her as someone else I usually kinda groan because it’s lame getting in on Cammy when she’s just spamming spiral arrow or Cannon Spike… it’s a lot of fun fighting a good Cammy using a lot of mixups. Most of the ones I run into online are not so good though :looney:

i’ve been receiving hatemails… so i guess not…

i for one hate playing against Cammy :rofl:

(but that because of the random mirror of spiral arrows… strikes and spikes flying everywhere… tho cammy is a good opponent for combo practice :wasted: )

I haven’t gotten hatemail for Cammy yet. Only when I bust out Dee Jay. Worst I get is people just saying they don’t know what to do against her.

I don’t mind playing against her. Usually I pick something up from the people I play. But when I play cammy’s (I play akuma then) It allows me to work on divekick/x-up tatsu timing since that is such a stict window to do against a good cammy that knows how to late/auto correct dP

I feel like I have to constantly prove myself when I play other Cammy players lol. I’m not great nor do I concider myself really all that good but I still feel like I need to, at the very least, put up a decent fight.

As for hatemail, I think I’ve gotten 1 and that was because I was not being myself and kept taunting a player who kep spamming the hell out of cannon spikes lol

Well it feels annoying with sak because I have to rely on ex dp too much, still like some have said I don’t mind her because she’s cammy not ryu.

From my experience, other people do not enjoy playing against Cammy. Not mine at least.

At no point does Cammy ever “not” have options when next to an opponent.

You can’t block or jab a throw. And you can’t tech a divekick.

Her backthrow is fuckin sick as it sets you up for a 4 way mixup which is almost impossible to block. If they’re scared as shit at you’re backthrow, then they’re either going to try to jump away(meaty st. mp counter), tech your throw(divekick counter), or reversal(block). All of which can be punished for minimum 200 damage. The only "safe"ish escape really is backdash, which will eventually get them cornered.

I’m sure there’s more out there, but that’s the jist of it.

For the record though, I play Balrog against Cammy _

There are less people who play cammy like a douchebag and more who play ken and ryu like douchebags. I prefer to play against cammy. Shes actually fun to fight becasue I believe that alot of people who play cammy are very skilled.

meh. I do think the times that I mash DP that I am not very fun to play against… heh >.>

I recently found out that I can play as her. Going against other cammys makes me learn more.

as an Abel player, i HATE good Cammys
fuckin instant air drills

I know what you mean. :slight_smile:

You prefer Cammy as opponent because you’re a Boxer player. As a Cammy user, I hate fighting Boxer. :nono:

If you predict it, cant you do Falling Sky? - but yeah, its still a guess…

A rose Soul Threw me out of a Dive Kick. haha