I Like Zone 4 and you should check it out if you are a fan of Free Online Brawlers


You guy’s should definitely check out OG planets, Zone 4, especially if your a fan of an old Namco game called Urban Reign. ( I know I am)

Whats Zone 4 **
Well to start off, its one of the funnest free online party brawlers that I have ever played. It also has a great community including a vast amount of chat features and combat options which can only become better as it progresses into more and more updates.
You effect your experience
If you want to casually beat down the computer with a few buddy’s, awesome! Zone 4 has a great arcade mode just for that.

You want to jump right in and wreck shop in a 4v4 PVP? Jump right into a match with an easy to use lobby system.

Enjoy the thrill of a good money match? Then do what I do for some easy cash. Play extreme mode for an up to 10k stakes match, altered anyway you like.

Want to chill out with a few friends? Zone 4 actually has towns were you can Sell your different gear and skills you have obtain through your many bouts. Not only that, you can also dig using drills and pickaxes in attempt to gain secret gear to aid in your PVP :D.

Find some cool people who you are in sync with in combat? Make a guild, aka a club, with Zone 4’s great club making and organization system. The club system for Zone 4 is intricate and simple.
The best thing I like about it is that its so cheap to make a club but when you have it going the system gives you full power of all the options from the get go. No waiting till level so and so or paying needed to use any club features. Web board, Guild ranking, guild shouts, you name it. Usually free games like this make you pay for extra features, but with Zone 4 you get them off the bat, which is great to me ;D.

Now I’m a competitive player through and through, so I would not play this if that was a weak aspect in any regard. Thankfully Zone 4 does not disappoint :smiley:
Not only do you have a PVP system that allows you to customize just about everything there is to alter in a match, such as the number of players, equipment,special attack restrictions, and so on. You also have ranked club matches that bump up the competitiveness to a new level. From 2v2 and 4v4 that effect club rankings, to a special 16VS16 Turf war of epic proportions. Even a bigger deal is the EXTREME mode that allows for a sort of In-game money match of sorts, something hardcore fighting gamers should be very familiar with ;D. There’s allot to like for competitive players, and when you get tired just jump on some casual arcade mode to even it out ;D.

Zone 4 even delivers when it comes to fighting styles.
You have a choice of 2 classes to start with. The attack heavy Street class or grab heavy Rush class.
From those 2 classes you can branch off for each into 3 official styles. ( soon to be 4)
For Street: TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai, and Boxing
For Rush: Judo, Hapgido, and Pro Wrestling

All of which are fun to play with and add a different feel and playing style between each match up. Not only that, with a intricate Skill select feature you can actually create your own unique move-set for your created fighter.

Here’s the short version

**Zone 4 tailor’s to all players.


[] Has an Final Fight like Arcade Mode
] A great trade system including the ability to make your own shops, a mailing system for offline players and a straight forward player to player trade.
[] VERY good message system and Friend tracker
] Easy to get into game play
[*] Multiple Events to keep things interesting.


[] Multiple PVP variants
] Multiple ways to attack and defend such as Counter’s, wall runs, air grabs, ground grapples, awesome team attacks ( one involve an cool curb stomp animation :D) and more ;D
[] In-game money matches
] Guild wars/ club wars
[*] Customize ANY of your moves to your liking making your fighting style your’s and yours alone. ( It will only get better as the game get updated with more and more skill moves for each class :D)

Check Zone 4 out sometime. After all ITS FREE. Also hit me up if you want to 1v1 or team up for some 4v4 :karate:

IGN: RexRyuKenJin

OGplanet, Zone 4 Website: Home | Zone4

Looks pretty fun. I used to play Rumble Fighter, but that game got plagued by lag a lot and a rather overpowered set of paid-for items. Do you think this game avoids those problems at all?

Kinda reminds me of kwonho a little, I remember when srk was into that for a while.

I suppose there is no offline play at all?

I really, really enjoyed Urban Reign.

With the name and your description it sounded retarded, but watching game play it looks pretty fun for a free game. It’s not much of a “Fighter” per se, but it’s a pretty fun looking Beat 'Em Up.

That 16v16 looks downright hysterical.

@Awsome: Good question. That’s one of the things that keeps me playing Zone 4. I was annoyed by the same problems on Rumble Fighter’s as well as a matter of fact. ( Op player’s that win due to broken Pay items, and horrible Lag issues from random people). First off, I don’t know if its superior network coding that Zone 4 has or just that OG planet has given it more server power, but Zone 4 RARELY, if at all, lags in fights. Seriously there’s only a slight input lag at worst when it comes to 4v4 matches. ( even in 16 VS 16 its not that bad. Honest experience. I tried it for the first time, it lagged HORRIBLY for a good 40 seconds. Then all of a sudden, no lag what so ever. I seriously have no idea how it works, but no lag at all for the rest of my games on 16 vs 16.) As for question about OP gear and moves. At first the full power SP move that everyone in the game has access to was an issue, seeing as it does basically a full life bar on hit. Although recently OG planet has added a No Full bar SP move option for room creation so players can play without the annoying attack solving any issues. Also gear is not to much of an issue even Astro gear. They may have a slightly better chance at wining due to better stats, buts it nothing as one sided as Rumble Fighters can be. Also gear and money is much easier to obtain then on Rumble Fighter by far. Give it a try man ;D

@KOF. Im with you 100% on that one. The choose your own Move set feature for Zone 4 is what really got me interested to begin with because it reminded me so much of KwonHo. Played that game like crazy when it was on ijji.

@Blood. Nope. Only Free online. But yeah man, if you like Urban Reign you should definitely try this out. It play’s just like it from the Team grabs, down to the counter hits and Weapon usage. ( Catching thrown weapons is still tight to do :D)

@Are_you_okay?!. My bad if I was not clear. I tend to seem that way when Im writing semi long posts, English is not my first language after all. Your right, 16VS16 gets pretty ridiculous at times. Specially when you throw in the Comet power up you can get O.o.
PS: What was wrong with my description besides the REALLY bad typos and some grammar errors in general? Anything format wise I can fix and make it better?

Question: What do I have to input to add this Picture that’s on this website? http://media.photobucket.com/image/Zone%204%20Fighting%20dristrict/dozekung4/5555.gif I tried [IMG]. but that does not work

Waitin for Fighter’s Club.

Looks good, yet another game with this same Urban Reign style.

**Urban Reign Gamplay

Not surprised though. There’s even more online games that copy the game style. My favorite that I want to try out is Perfect KO.

The thing is Zone 4 is out and fully playable right now, and besides the cel shaded graphics and slightly less vivid animations, it has allot of good things going for it.

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