I live my life one kill at a time. Riddick (2013) movie thread


I might be late to the party, but I saw this trailer the other day.

Looks good.


Does look good, but i take it this takes place before the others?


Good question. Definitely takes place before Chronicles unless he decided he didn’t want to be the undisputed leader of a vast intergalactic army.

Maybe between Pitch Black and Chronicles? Dunno…


You can see some Necromongers in one of the trailers and Karl Urban is back as Vaako so I highly doubt it happens before.


Oh good eye. Looks like Riddick is still wearing some Necromonger armor in that split second cut of that fight scene.


Some people have been theorizing that this is the Underverse and Riddick is going after Kyra’s soul. The trailer doesn’t lend itself much to the theory but it would be an interesting one.


I think Vaako turned on him, being a sneaky bastard, staged a coup he narrowly survived, and Riddick escaped to that alien planet with one of the necromonger anubis hounds (you’ll also note he still has the dagger he used to kill the High Marshall in COR), and now THESE wanna-be-tough assholes show up to be slaughtered in cinematic glory. Also Vaako shows up because until he manages to kill Riddick and bring back a piece, he won’t truly be considered the new leader (you can’t take command unless you kill to get it). Nice, simple story. Nothing to do now but watch and let the bodies hit the floor.


Yeah, it was pretty obvious Vaako was going to try to merc Riddick the first chance he got.

It would be nice to see Kyra again. I liked her character and the fact that she was easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either.

Also, after freeze framing, I noticed a lot of dead necromongers around that big guy shooting the laser rifles.


This movie has Karl Urban, Vin Diesel and Katee Sakhoff. There is no way I can possibly be disappointed.


Even if none of them take their shirts off?