I loathe the 360 Dpad

I recently came over from PS3 for many reasons, but thats irrelevant to my point. Im a huge fighting game fan, and being a long time dual shock owner, i’ve gotten really used to the dpad on the sony consoles.

I knew that when I switched sides id have to accept it but… for the love of god, it has to be the worst dpad ever designed.

I wish I could switch to using the analog, but I just cant break the habit after so many years.

Im savin up for a decent stick…

Cost is an issue, so im looking for value…

I heard madcatz fight pad is crap… , but if i’ve heard wrong please let me know…

look forward to some decent reccomendations…


when i use the d-pad, just holding down-back shows up as :r::d::bdp::qcf::hcf::qcb::hp::u::ub::u::ub::hcf::r::d:


Just continue to practice on the analog. It will get better if you put time and effort into it

LOL, exactly…

I have the SE and if you do the washer fix ( I think the new batch wont have this problem anyway) then no its not crap, plus you can just mod it with sanwas or whatever.

I would play with the analog stick on Street Fighter II HD Remix and I thought it would play perfectly.

It wasn’t till Street Fighter IV that I realized that dashing/dash focus cancel/ and complex combos really make it easier with an arcade stick. I use a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX and I’m in love with it. I got it for cheap $150.00 of craigslist and had intended to mod it with Sanwa buttons. I was really hesitant buying the stick as I grew up with and was used to the North American standard with bat controller and parallel keys.

I have to say that Japanese players got it right, with the square gate and ergonomic keypad. Square gate makes it so easy to crouch block. And the stick is really heavy making it stay in one place. The default Hori buttons are actually pretty good, although I’m still looking for Sanwa Buttons.

I agree though, the D-Pad is just embarrassing. Difficult to find those diagonals and it’s sooo stiff.

Don’t ever ever learn 2-D fighters with the analog. It’s gonna cripple you in the medium and long term.

YouTube/Google 360 d-pad mods, or get a fightpad. Honestly they’re really nice. I was expecting SF Anniversary-level of garbage – I was having someone make me a Saturn pad for the 360 but I just use a slightly modded fightpad

Best option is to get yourself a stick, which you said you intended to do any ways. I’m just gonna say, make sure you get one!

The SE stick is pretty good once you Mod it out. just get a stick man

the 360 dpad wasn’t designed for fighting games. d-pads aren’t used for anything these days aside from weapon selection in shooters or something along those lines.

there are some pad warriors that can rock the 360 d-pad though. this guy rocks the d-pad as a guile player and is pretty good. so there are some people that can use the pad effectively.

but again, fighting games should be played with a stick.

i know a guy that modded his 360 controller so it had a PS3 dpad. sexy stuff

Get a stick and problem is solved.

ps3 dpad sucks too. :confused: slightly less, but still

get a nes dpad or snes dpad up in that bitch.