I lose and lose i need help (vids)



can you guys take a look at these vids. I think i got rocked in all of them.

I need some tips. I know i gotta stop spamming on getup.




I get really excited and spam some buttons too much i think.
Doesnt help that the camera is right next to my stick.


Lol, you are horrible…

Try not to focus so much unless your about 70% or more positive the outcome will be in your favor.

Also, jump.fp is your friend.

Try not to do rogs turn punch through slow FB’s cause tat is just asking to get punished.

Use rogs overhead and loops… or I should say “learn them first”.

Stay on sagats ass as if you are his scar on his chest and try and corner him. (works on me)

Wait for stupid SRK’s…

Dont play online and expect to get better execution. Lagg will make you hate the game.


i think my prob is im frantic all over the place and lag is making me tap the buttons extra, more than they need to be.



If you can find 4-bar connections that’s usually fine for most link combos. 3-bar is playable but risky. Anything lower is evil.


I can’t tell if this guy is trolling or not. You need basics bad of Street Fighter.

Don’t button mash.
Don’t jump unless you’re 100% sure it’s safe
Anti Air more. Free jump-ins will make your arm pits sweat and hands shake lol.

Don’t stay in the corner while people throw fire balls at you. Always move up until you make them not sure if its a good idea and they do something else.


yeah those games were brutal.
I have a habit of button mashing. Tekken lets you pre input things… its tough to get used to.


Spend some time in training mode learning Balrog’s basic combos. Once you get those down, it’ll be so easy to punish whiffed attacks. I was in training mode for about 2 weeks before I went online and applied my practice. Once you get it down, it’ll just flow.



you have to learn his BnB combos and use cr.Fierce to stop jump ins also do another type of dash punch you used only straight, also use headbutt for anti airs


man, gief is owning the crap outta me.


I think you could also learn to block and anti air better; that Sagat player in the first video won both of those rounds because you let him hit you in the air. Learn to time crouching fierce punch to stop air attacks. Also, a lot of the time you just walked back against Sagat. Are you mad? Sagat has a projectile, you don’t.


You almost never have charge ready… Hold down back more mayne… Be ready to dash punch or headbutt more often…


practice these combos

cr.lp, cr.lk, dash straight
cr.lp, cr.lk, headbutt
cr.mp, headbutt

instead of just sweeping when you land your jump in attack use one of those.


loops are when you see stuff like

cr.lp,cr.lk, ex upper, cr lp cr lk ex upper cr lp cr lk headbutt

i think your biggest problem is that tekken doesnt have charge characters. its something new to get used to


Little harsh, no?


All I had to hear were the buttons you were mashing on with the things happening on the screen to know. You need to learn the basics. I think you are beyond reading text, you need somebody to jump in a room with you and orally set you up for a good hour workout and leave you with a strict daily regimen of self practice.


I say start with the basics, do the normal and hard trials of balrog, and dont mash jab, learn the rythm :stuck_out_tongue: you shouldnt jab so fast (button mash) this and everything everyone else has said.


*sorry, these notes are unorganized, i was typing while watching the videos

i think you need to be more patient, especially against sagat.

dodging tiger shots is definitely a skill that needs to be worked on, and is much harder in this game than some people may think. when you focus a tiger shot, dash back and anticipate the next one. because you will be twice as vulnerable. high tiger shots are effective for tagging you as you jump, so look for those and just duck. what you need to know is that when you block or focus, that makes it easy for sagat to continue throwing shots. if you mix in jumps, ducks, and blocks, his timing will get messed up and you will see him whiff a punch or a kick. keep doing this and it turns into a game of patience.

learn to use your normals properly. if he jumps in, anti air with c.fierce or st.strong.
punish with c.strong xx headbutt/dash punch.

don’t do turn punches from full screen because they will whiff. instead, do lp headbutt over fireballs to build meter, or neutral jump/duck so that you will mess up sagat’s fireball timing. depending on the player, they might just continue to throw tiger shots, or they might decide to come get you.

i saw a lot of random headbutts. learn to hit confirm into those with combos like simple bnb combos like c.lp > c.lp > c.lk xx headbutt.

don’t do dash punches from so far away, and especially when you are charging by holding (walking) back, it is easy to anticipate and you will get ultra’d by a good player. try to zone appropriately and charge with d/b. also, use your lp version of the dash punch because it is faster and you can easily catch people who are walking forwards.

it looks like you need some work on zoning and footsies. when you play, try to read your opponent rather than just throwing out headbutts and dash punches and hoping they land. that is kind of what it looks like.

are you using option select throw on wakeup? i think against ryu in the last match, it could have countered some of the shit he was doing to you on wakeup.


Balrog is really strong in this game I’m sure if you practice you will look back on this and laugh. Learn basic combo’s his jabs are second to none for speed and his sweep is one of the best in the game, fast and awesome range, also try to get into the habit of holding back as you’re attacking Balrog is a charge character and it helps with blocking. Sagat and Ryu are pretty tough anyway and that Gen seemed to know his combo’s so don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m interested were they player matches, ranked or Championship because if you only just started playing online and you are going straight to player matches you could be playing people with 1000’s of matches experience on you, try championship mode you’re more likely to play people on your level and avoid lag like the plague, just play 4 bars minimum. Good luck man!


how long have u been playing balrog?personally i thought there was 1)no basic combos, 2)not enough low block, 3) too much dashing. usually i would only do alot of headbutts, dash punch and random ultras if i know i will win the opponent and i think it works for beginners to do that until they get hold of the basic specials and moves balrog has. hope to see more of your videos soon


well. only really advice is go into challenge mode and do those everday, it would probably more than likely help you with some of your timing and execution and help you NOT mash as much. can’t mash with rog, just doesn’t work in your favor lol.

find out what your doing wrong from watching other ppl’s videos, and yours. then go into training mode, record what your having problems with and finding ways around them. ie if your having problems with sagat for example and his tiger shots…record a sagat doing tiger shots from diff heights and speed and then playback over and over and find ways around them. Don’t forget to take in account that he may tiger knee, uppercut or high kick.

also from watching the vid, i didnt see you db charge a lot you mostly walked backwards. nothing wrong with that but goign against a sagat for example, your just giving him more room to move away from the wall, or just giving an opponent some room to breathe.

just work on a few things at a time, practice your BnB combo’s, watch videos of other players and it will help your game. You dont get good over night, takes practice.

Oh another thing to add, if in your area you have places where ppl meet up to play or w/e you should look into that, its a great way to meet new friends, ask for advices and such. :slight_smile:

a friend gave me a pretty good advice when i started playing, play with ryu to learn to time combo’s and fadc and such. then after you got that down, play gief and learn to zone in to your opponent. after you get those down playing rog should be a hell of a lot easier or should at least help you with zoning in towards your oppenent and doing your BnB combo’s a little bit easier.