I lost hope on GGXX#R

I saw the SBO2 GGXX#R finals vid and i was extremely dissapointed.

i knew that yukinose’s team would won but when i saw how they won i was pissed.


a baiken player( i think it’s sharon) vs imo-the zappa player- baiken gets owned

yukinose’s buri vs imo-

i was rooting yukinose to own everyone because i am a bridget fan but…

yukinose loses.

i was shocked.

then the milia player goes and owns the WHOLE team and wins the finals by himself.

i thought that GGXX was balanced and reloded was perfect but after i saw that i thought how could there be no eddie’s, or other top tier characters and i noticed that in most japanese GGXX tourneys, millia players win them. is it just coincidence or is it that millia is fucking cheap?

your opinions about my comments?

Zappa deserves to own.

Millia rushdown is quite iffy, isn’t it? :]

link to vids?

direct connect

LOL whoever said XX or #r wasn’t unbalanced, is very dillusional

The eddies were obviously not good enough, “or other top tier character” it’s common opinion that milla is top tier in #R, any way would you prefer it if so called TOP TIER one every tourney like the borefest that has become 3rd strike?

Frankly it’s quite refreshing “lower tiered” characters did so well

Funny how you’re complaining about Millia owning everyone when Zappa fucking beasted on the first two people on that team. Zappa is consistently ranked as one of the worst, if not THE worst, characters in the game. The Millia player was just fucking better than all the other guys on that team. Period.

Wins the thread, so close now.

I know nothing of Yukinose’s reputation, but I thought his match against the Zappa player was pretty boring until Zappa starting killing the transvestite nun.

gg is not a balanced game, people should just realize this already just beacuse many characters have there own bs etc doesnt mean a game is balanced.

god forbid someone with better SKILL goes and RUINS everything

everyone knows TIERS decide how a game is played :rolleyes:

Yukinose is supposed to be the best Bridget player in Japan. He was playing that way in order to try and counter the Zappa player’s style. That’s why it looked so boring, cuz they were both turtling like crazy.

i have to say the Zappa player was very good indeed but i’m complaning because millia made waste out of everyone so fast and how in EVERY tournie,a millia player wins them.

yes i know that GGXX isn’t balnced but it isn’t noticably unbalanced like CvS2 and Marvel but it’s absurd how one person single handedly wins the entire finals with millia and singles with millia also

3s isn’t a sort of example because even a chun or a ken can beat a yun and makoto has a share of wins and loses.

hurray for zappa :clap: :arazz:

sorry, but can someone give me the hub address to get GG vids on DC++ (or direct connect, not sure if there’s a difference)?

Sorry if what I’m asking doesn’t make sense but I’m new to this hub stuff (been getting SSBM vids off of the DC++ hub for a while now).

If someone could provide a link or some info to help me out that’d be great.

(a 3s hub would be nice too :p)

you’l find 3s stuff but ssbm…

Millia doesn’t win every tournament. Hell, she’s not even considered top tier in #R (unless FRC’ed 214P into air K is that powerful these days). Check out www.a-cho.com. Better yet, wait for video-opera.com to post that a-cho has updated their site because they don’t have any videos up at the moment :pleased: That is some of the most impressive #R you’ll see outside of Yukinose and whatever the website is that shows Sharon’s Baiken (forgot the link :arazz:). A-cho’s previous two weekly/bi-weekly tournaments were won by Dizzy (beating Testament) and Testament (beating Slayer). Dizzy is mid-tier and Testament is one of the bottom 5-6 characters.

Comparing 3s to #R in balance (I’ll save fun and quality of game for another topic) is absurd. You’re talking up 3s because 4 characters can do something, but then you turn around and bash #Reload because a team of 3 non-top tier characters won SBO and one of the characters happened to take out the other team by himself. It was the equivalent of Dudley/Urien/Elena winning SBO because the Dudley caught fire in the finals. Truthfully tell me that SBO (or any significant Japanese/US team tournament) was won by a team that did NOT use Chun, Ken, Yun or even Makoto. If you can produce that, then you may bring up 3s against #R in a discussion on balance.

I suppose next you’re going to tell me that VF4 is unbalanced because one player OCVed the whole tournament at SBO.

On a final note, I have a video lying around where the Baiken player OCVs some teams during SBO qualifying. No Millia needed :rolleyes: I seriously suggest learning more about about GGXX#R before writing it off as unbalanced because a superior team won a tournament when one of their members caught fire.

i actually saw that vid in popy that sharon won the finals by himself,and that Zappa player(imo) in SBO2 was very cool stuff. i don’t know anything about VF4, and i go to a-cho once a while. you have a point on the 3s segment, but if you are including in your discution that millia isn’t top tier you should check the stats, she is one of the 5-8 best in the game (IIAC).

So that means there’s at least 4 characters who are considered better than her, or up to 7. Doesn’t sound like top tier material to me.