I lost hope on GGXX#R

yeah but i mean yo think it’s a coincidence that in big japanese tournies milia wins or is it that she’s that good?

I think it’s because she’s a popular character. Has been since X. Millia and Johnny were both top tier in X, and even after XX and #R came out (where they have both been toned down repeatedly) they continue to be two of the most popular characters in Japan.

thanks man, motivated me again :slight_smile:


Is there a minimum share amount required? If so, do you know how much? I keep getting disconnected.



GFB Hub thread. Tells you anything and everything you need to know, including downtimes for the hub and what people might be sharing.

neone tell me somewhat what these matches are named, good zappa player i want to see.

What this guy said. :clap:

it’s the 2004 tougeki ggxx#r 4~finals. you can get them at direct connect

Quoted for truth.

I’m partial to more Sol ownage, but that’s just me (and BOF).:smiley:

Yeah, severe shortage of Sol in SBO this year. I think there was all of 3 Sol players total in the whole tourney.

Thats kinda cool to hear, considering GGXX here is run by Sol.

Bah, Sol is cool. Especially MIU’s Sol.

Yeah but Sol vs Sol all the time can be annoying.
Especially since I’m not the biggest Sol fan. I’m a Zappa/Eddie/Potemkin player :frowning:

ANY mirror match is gay IMO, but yeah, it sucks that there are still US players who can’t get off Sol’s jock and go find a character they actually like. No offense to the serious Sol players out there (myself included!).

Actually Il ike Zappa vs Zappa and Venom vs Venom mirror matches. Zappa vs Zappa has just gets crazy and is really fun to play, as long as it isn’t during a tourney when playstyles change.

That’s bullshit.
#Reload circle color Eddie vs. #Reload R1 color Eddie is the dopest!!! :tup:


Why dont you losers go play that Millia player and see how you do. Ya’ll acting like they lost to a scrub…



:clap: :party: :encore: <3 Potemkin vs Potemkin <3 :encore: :party: :clap: