I lost my Herald color. HUGE fail on my part


So Heroes won (on the PS3 side) today. I wanted to see if you can reset your system and get a different Herald color. So I got to the screen where it shows you what color you have received. I turned my PS3 off by flipping the switch. If it worked, I would’ve tried to see if simply doing a soft shut down would work, and then I would test just quitting the game and turning it back on.

I got Spencer’s Herald color. I turned off my PS3. It didn’t worked as planned. When I turned it back on, I cancelled out of that new system restore file corruption option at the beginning. Booted up UMvC3. No new Herald color.

I did everything I could think of. Synced my trophies, checking the week’s results, letting the PS3’s system restore file corruption option go through (by turning off my PS3 through the switch again.) Nothing. Spencer’s Herald color was gone.

Anyone else tried this? I’ll try again next time Heroes win, only by doing a soft shutdown or quitting the game to see if that would reset the color the game selects for you.

I posted this here, the GameFAQs boards (both PS3 and 360), the EventHubs forum, and the Capcom Unity forum to get as much feedback as possible.


I tried the same on 360 a while back and had the same thing happened.


Heroes won again (on the PS3 side.) I got Morrigan’s Herald color. This time I quit the game through the XMB. I boot it back up.

I lost the color. I guess there is no way to reset the Herald color that you receive.


That color sucks anyways.


U Mad?