I lost my job, but


Last week my supervisor called me into my office to inform me that some fraudulent activity had been authorized on one of our mobile accounts and that I had authorized the purchases of some equipment to a residence. He also claimed a rep from the vendor spoke to me that morning. I denied it and said I had not received any calls from the vendor that morning. I even suggested looking at the call log on my phone to confirm this, but they didn’t seem to want to. I was then placed on paid admin leave while they “investigate”.

Earlier this week I was told I could come back into work the next day. When I came in I went to my supervisor’s office to find out what they discovered. He told me that I was “ruled out” from the activity and that they couldn’t prove it was me. Two days later, I am called back into my supervisor’s office and told the company is terminating my employment. According to them, the carrier provided some evidence that they did call my office line and spoke to someone. “Since I was the only one who had access to my office and phone, I HAD to be the one who took the calls and authorized the orders.” I asked them again to look at my call log because something was wrong, but they were convinced what they were provided was enough to terminate me.

I packed my personal items and headed home. When I arrived, I became concerned because if they did call my number and they spoke to someone why didn’t my phone ring? I decided to call my office line from home and the first three time I got a message for a different number that I had never heard of. I called my office line one more time and someone picked up asking if they were looking for “me” and I said I am “me”. Apparently, this guy had been receiving calls for me for sometime and people had been asking for me. It seems my calls to my office line are being redirected to from what I suspect different numbers. He had about 20+ voice mails for me as well. He was upset, but was willing to help in anyway he could to get the calls to stop.

So even though the carrier did call my number, it doesn’t prove that the phone in my office rang or that I picked up. My family has advised me to seek some legal council seeing as I have been wrongfully terminated, through a weak investigation.
They were adamant to get me out the door and wouldn’t even give me the benefit of the doubt to resolve the matter. Honestly, this might have been avoided if they just looked at my calls logs as I asked the day they put me on leave. I am still investigating on my end to figure this out, but I’m not sure I want to communicate with them anymore as they don’t seem to be in a hurry to help me or give my job back.

Any advice?


Lawyer up.


I’m no lawyer, but that lawsuit looks impossible for you to lose. Sue the shit outta them.





Under normal circumstances, I would call you a pussy bitch for trying to sue someone. However, this sounds like it would be totally okay for you to try and sue since they didn’t even want to give you the benefit of the doubt and at least try and listen to your side of the story.


How did you just barely realize your calls were being rerouted? Should have been terminated just for being a dullard.


yeah,that’s fishy as shit…I’d seek some legal help for sure…


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go for the lawsuit if you have the money for legal fees but aim for settling out of court. having that on your record could harm you in future career opportunities, depending on your goals. a good background check would show the lawsuit and scare off any companies looking to hire or promote you.


You’ve gotta be careful about recording conversations in states that require that all parties first give consent to being recorded, which are the following:

California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Everywhere else is fair game.




Problem there is I was getting calls at my desk on the day I was placed on leave and on the morning I was released from the company, so it never occurred to me that the calls may have been rerouted.


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sounds like something went wrong somewhere internally and they wanted a fall guy


Just sue them, everyone’s doing it, even that one guy who is suing Sony for 5 million cause KZ shadow falls multiplayer does not run at true 1080P. Or if you know you’re not into that, just prove that they were wrong, and that you caught onto their lame ass way of getting rid of you, and just never come back. (a good " fuck you" might help though) Damn humans can never be straight up about shit and just talk to each other, that’s why the world is like this.


You should seek legal counsel sooner than later. Who’s to say you can prove that your calls were being rerouted after you’ve been fired? The problem may be worked out if you wait too long. Also your coworker should have gone to HR immediately with the evidence of what happened when you called, especially if he didn’t know you. Again, waiting makes the claim look false.


Seek legal counsel. It sounds like they are the ones too lazy to follow up on a problem.


Yes, do not quickly before they can cover their arses.



Two Questions:

  1. Are you in California?

  2. Did you sign any contract when they hired you regarding any company policies?

If you are in California, you are SOL. Employers can fire you for any reason except discrimination, retaliation or refusal of doing something illegal.

If you did sign a contract detailing about company policies, this can help you with the lawsuit.

Otherwise, its really hard to file a lawsuit. Even if its hard to file a lawsuit, I still recommend talking to a lawyer to see what the best course of action is.

However, since you’ve been fired unjustly, you can qualify for unemployment benefits.


This, but be careful. At the moment they will say they fired you for misconduct, a situation where you do not qualify. But you can challenge that and the system tends to be favorable for you here.