I lost my stick in EVO2010


As the title says, I lost my stick.
On the Saturday night, I was letting other people useing it in the Blazblue area.
Since I was in Vegas, I decided to drink (and got drunk, yes) with my friends and totally forgot to pick it up later.
I asked Mr. Wizard for some help, and he told me asking in here for helps is the best way I can do right now.

My stick is Hori RAP3 for PS3. With a modified sanwa black lever and red sanwa buttons.
and the most distinctive part is I have stickers on the start and select buttons which are a black cat and pink rabbit.
Also some bear stickers are on, I think.
You can’t really tell from outside, but it works with 360 as well.
If anyone picked it up, or know somebody who picked it up, please let me know.
I will pay the shipping fee, of course.
I really liked it, and a lot of my friends helped me to make my stick as it is right now.
So if anyone can help me with this, it’ll mean a lot for me.
Thank you.


I really hope you get it back.

However, you should have read the Tournament Survival Guides that were posted on the frontpage. YOU DO NOT, EVER, let your stick out of sight. It’s just not clever.


^ agreed with kanta. But I really do hope you get it back though.


>>kanta-kun >>kouen74
Thanks for your feeling. Yeah, I was being too japanese about it.


Didn’t Daigo get his stick stolen too?


they should front page this or something, maybe whoever picked it up just doesn’t know where to look to find the owner, naive i know, but still a possibility


no shit?! really that sucks… well not really since he is sponsered by catz.but the idea that the world champ had his stick stolen is just fucked.


Alot pf players stuff got jacked this year…fuck.
As the attendance gets bigger…needs to be more protective of your things.


i hate to say this but its your bad for leaving your own stick unattended to go drink and get drunk. but i hear there were people actually there jacking sticks on purpose. thats some coward shit.


There seems to be a lot of mentioning of losing stuff like sticks and cameras and such, but what about the vital stuff, like wallets, money, ID’s, credit cards and cell phones? Is there ever a problem with those things?


you should of paid me to fly out to evo to personally guard your shit…ROFL.

sorry mane, truth be told whoever has your stick will not return it.

you got jacked. Lesson learned.


he’s right^^ i had my stick on me 24/7.and not to be a dick but i would never leave it unattended to go get boozed up.sorry man, im sure you’ll get another one.good luck to ya man.


I lost my girlfriend at EVO to daigo