I love cammy i can prove it!



yeah i just had a baby girl and we named her camber. and i don;t know if u guys have figured this out but the shorter version is cammy. lol really not as bad as that guys taht named his boooy akuma but i thought that i would tell everyone!

laterz slider


Hahahaha… I happen to know that guy who named his kid Akuma. :rolleyes:

Anyways Congrats.


thanx man. yeah i heard about that name thing i thought it was coo


You’re retarded.


what u talkin crap 4. y would u go into a thread and just talk crap! lol


I don’t get what this has to do with Cammy. Wrong place. This should be posted in G.D.This area is Mvc2 cammy

BTW. Congrats…

Who would name their son Akuma?:wtf:


Some guy… :stuck_out_tongue:


His opinion, not yours.
And congratulations, by the way.


same ol’ dasrik :rolleyes:

well congrats, it’s at least a decent name


I can’t believe people had problems with me saying truth.

Naming children dumb names is the #1 cause of childhood misery. Don’t you fuckers remember school?


Since when is Cammy not a normal name? stupid


not if those nice people who make corona have anything to say about it.



I’m naming my first born Cable.


Remember to name your next two sons Caster and Toe.

God, I crack myself up.


lol what hte heck is camber is that amber and cammy fused?

cammy is sort of a normal name and so is amber but CAMBER lol