I love Makoto.

She’s so fuckin boss.


you know who else is boss?


I’ll give to my man Sextaro before Bossui even though he’s an animal in most of his matches.

sex is in my top 5 makoto players


yeah i know ino is in there twice but he deserves it haha that guy is tyte

I like J and he’s topped at SBO with Makoto more than any other makoto so props there. Though he lost to a fairly non-pro Yun at SBO5 that made his team not make it to top 8 this year. Missed to links into super that just raped him to hard to come back from so don’t know what to think about his current ability. Probably the best overall imo.

Boss has a really flashy makoto, but don’t know if I like it more some others. Fun to watch, but don’t think it’s the best.

Don’t like Ino at all. Good early on but J, Boss and others just seemed better as time progressed.

Shiroitachi, seems kinda high risk/ high reward but overall solid playstyle if you discount the “escape” SAII’s. Beat RX at SBO this year so definitely gets props for that. Seems like he’s more inexperienced that some of the others but probably top 5.

I like Sextaro, but he just hasn’t been repping as much recently as he had early on. Not sure why. But overall solid play style. Just think he goes for some high risk/low reward mixups like karakusa karakusa that i can’t agree with.

Probably J, Boss, Shiro, Ino, Sex.

Just remember if you want to win SBO team to do it what 3/5 times? Is Yun,Chun, Makoto. not Yun, Chun, Ken.
And once was only a 2 man team tourney so it shouldn’t count.

Arly is a lucky guesser aka a great Makoto player

boss is flashy, J is psychic, shiroitachi is consistent and KO is intimidating. However I play her cautiously like takahi meaning i never get far. :frowning:

Fixed… So er… that’s my list…

EDIT: I’ve never seen Boss or J play Makoto before… Unles I have and not have noticed…
EDITEDIT: Yeah… Iv’e seen them play before…

I forgot all about C-13; that man draws blood when he plays, he’s a fucking monster! Much love to Izu too; he won SBO by himself for christ’s sake and is one of very few Makoto players not to get raped by Diago (he kinda did pussy out on the last round though).

shiro itachi seemed more random than i like, but i mainly like ino because he taught me a bunch of stuff about makoto @ evo and he’s just a pretty cool guy

c-13 is a woman she is good has a weak sa1

Wow wtf, I found the other dat that Ino is a chick and C-13 is too? I guess I need to head out to some tourneys and actually meet some girls who actually play Third Strike and well. Where I live at it’s like unheard of; I just want meet a few so I can say I met a chick who plays 3s. lol

ino is not a chick >.>

and that whole girl playing 3s, first of all good luck second of all they are all yours.

C13 is not a chick either…

If only he was as good at guessing what the hell our cat is gonna climb on next. x.x


Put it in terms he can understand…

Dash up jab, sa2 = the couch

Start of round sa2 = the bed

Post dash punch ex uppercut = lounger/recliner

I think you’d be surprised! :tup:


ex fukiage post hayate is tyte =(