I love my job! US Marine

This is what I do. For those who don’t know me, and those that do, here is a sample:









That first video was gold! hahaha

My brother is Navy. He told me a story when a person from another boot camp Division fucked up so badly that he got the marine boot camp instructor (this boot camps were back to back at that time) to perform PT instruction the whole day. THEN had to do it all over again with the Navy instructor. THEN had like 2 hours sleep and had to do PT again with the Navy instructor, THEN made them wear TuTus and job around the marine side.

His division actually did their PT with them and anyone who smirked or laughed at them would join them. He said three dumbass did.

Whoaa… What the hell did he do to deserve that!?

>Rotendo, don’t you have any footage of yourself yelling and shit?

yeah, but that’ll just promote nightmares and I’m not allowed to post vids of myself doing my job either. Consider yourselves lucky not to witness that, but maybe I can arrange a demonstration sometime.

:rofl::rofl: The first video had me dieing when he starting screaming at him waving his hand hahaha.

LOL Shark Attack!

How long have you been in the Corps, Shin?

I’m still in IET for the Army.

It’ll be 9 years next month.


1st video reminds me of some straight up marvel hype. lol. erik vs cableguy all over again. haha

I sense sarcasm…:wonder: