I love this guy

:wink:"Itagaki wasnt ready to disclose details about Valhallas debut project, other than to say that it wont be in the fighting genre and hes targeting multimillion sales.

‘I already made Dead Or Alive, the best fighting game in the world, in my last company. Trying to compete against my own daughter wouldn’t be worth the fight.’"


kinda hate to say it but he’s right u know

DoA is the best FG in the world

In the category “tits per m”

best thread title ever too.

This thread makes me groan like Zappa, seriously UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH

What world is he talking about exactly??!?!?

i love the guy but wow

Now that Itagaki can’t touch DOA the series can finally start improving!

But since DOA is literally a dumbed down and retarded VF clone with tits, there’s really no need with VF around.

I’m not hating though, I like the DOA series for what it is, dumb fun but no reason to take it seriously.

I found DOA2 to be a lot of fun with it’s crazy combos and fun 2 player tag mode, but best fighter in the world? el oh el.

I can’t tell if he’s saying that to be funny, or if he truly believes it though…

DOA the best fighting game in the world?


He meant that he already made Dead Or Alive, the best animated 3D mammal glands game in the world, in his last company. Trying to compete against it by increasing the size of mammal glands even more, wouldnt’ be worth the fight (this would also make him a rival to SC4)

It’s Itagaki guys, this is just how he is.

Oh! Hold on.
fumbles around
Just a second!


please stop dreaming itagaki, there will be no doa game if vf game doesn’t exist.

Its main gameplay feature/gimmick/whatever you take it for is that you can cancel blockstun(and hitstun too? I don’t really remember) with holds, but if you screw up the hold’s height/timing you eat an even bigger combo. VF doesn’t have that kind of thing, and theoretically you can get this feature to work and make decent game based around it, but Itagaki was not the right person for the job.

Tataki, I know what the game is all about…just like you said, the stun system is one of the reasons why I no longer take it seriously. I honestly can’t see how the system could be done without it being flawed in some way, but eh.

In anycase what I said wasn’t hyperbole, Itagaki even stated himself that he based the original DOA off of Virtua Fighter and if I remember correctly Tecmo had to pay Sega for using the gameplay mechanics or something along those lines. Not to mention it ran on the same hardware and (I think) even used the same graphic engine.

Itagaki is amazing. His best quote is still the one about the balance. Something like:

“Why is the fight between Bass and Ryu Hayabusa so uneven?”

“Because Ryu is a ninja, and there is no way a wrestler would ever beat a ninja.”

Can’t believe people will try to defend that kind of trite. WooT, what a world.

Although he did forget to say “No Homo”.

No, seriously, I LOVE this guy :love: