I love this guy

The existence of bursts in fighting games makes combos not just auto-pilot execution but also forces you to read your opponent while you combo them, and maybe cut your combo in the middle of it to try to bait their burst. They also give you more combo decisions to make- Should you go for the big combo and risk the burst mindgame or go for the less damaging but unburstable combo? Overall, much like tech traps and the damage/oki dilemma, bursts add another level of depth to games with big combos.

So it makes more sense when you look at DOA’s holds as “bursts” that are unlimited, but each kind of burst only deals with specific attacks, and loses badly to the rest. This sounds like a unique feature which I would be interested in if done right.

I love the fact he calls the game his daughter. same with the girls in them.

long live oatmeal-face.

DOA 3 was really good, but 4 pure garbage like all his 360 games. But, I can’t wait for his new game. Hopefully, it will make up for all his shitty 360 games and go back to make quality titles back in his prime in the original X-box days.

They bought the engine for virtua fighter from sega to make the original DOA.

To this day, I still don’t know how on earth that man made the sheer unfiltered awesomeness that is Ninja Gaiden Black. Anyway, can’t wait to see what he’s been working on myself.

this guy is seriously awesome

Well hey, at least he actually took pride in his games. Think about all the gripes and faults you find in guys like Sakurai and Ono.

Hell, at least Itagaki took enough pride in his work that he didn’t say “hey, I think I’ll half-ass DOA4 just so people can get back into DOA2”.

“I already made Dead Or Alive, the best fighting game in the world”

Says the guy who said that Tekken sucks. I would love him to make another fighting game though.

of course he believes it. he lives in Itagaki world. Where what he says is law.

probably why he was too stupid enough to read between the lines during the NG2 project to get himself payed. hence why we’re at this situation.

Who’s “We”? Itagaki can make all the shitty, fluffy games he likes.

When/if he’s ever ready to fix the fundamental things wrong with DOA then people will take him seriously. Its a classic example of graphics don’t mean everything. I doubt it though, as he’s already stated in an interview that he intended for the games to be fluff and mash happy (yes he actually said that) and going off the comments above he has no intention of changing that.

We already have Virtua Fighter, so who cares.

Teenagers after polygonal fap material

so true, main reason i played DOA was to stare at butts and tits, but i didn’t fap to them

i swear

I want to see a collaboration between Itagaki and Ed Boon. I’m not talking “DOA vs MK”, I want to see digitized versions of these two fucktards slap each other.


There’s a bit of story behind the tekken bashing. Apparently at the time of the first DoA, he was a Tekken fan (at the very least as a fellow developer), but Namco and maybe some of the tekken team decided to run some hate ads and talk some shit about this game. Since then, the guy produces more salt for tekken than Utah has; Seriously, rename Salt Lake city to Itagaki Lake City and you can get a nice appreciation for how much hate he has over that.

Hopefully somebody else can get in with a better history lesson.