I"m back...

Hey… been gone awhile. Kinda busy doing a lot of projects. This is just a quick sketch I did to pass the time in between classes. Just trying to get a sense of emotion and actually placing characters in a room. I don’t normally do backgrounds if you can’t already tell. And the guy’s head is a little too small. Any suggestions on what I should to the background?( besides work on my perspective)

Damn it!!!

It always comes out too big the first time =( …let’s try this again.

its seems to me that no one wants to submit their finished pieces. perhaps we should start another thread just for sketches so that no one will have to explain themselves for their poor artwork (not talkin about u specifically, ashe). i think i will start one soon.

I do submit finished stuff…

And I don’t make excusses either. You can show a lot with just a sketch. I posted this up here to see if it read to anyone else looking at it. It’s also good to get opinions before you finalize things =)

You need more decorations in your interior background. I don’t know if a table and a frame is gonna cut it. Change the angle of the room for more dynamics also. Overall good work.

the problem with teh background is that there is nothing to really suggest that it’s a real room. things like lamps, realistic couches, windows, and that kind of stuff would help.


Like I said… first time doing my own BG’s… but thanks for the help. I was kinda concerned about clutering it up too much. I’ll try for a more dynamic shot next time as well. Thanks for the advice, I knew I need a lot more practice.

I don’t want to start a fight or anything ZenMaster…last thing I want to do is argue…but I think a sketch shows your raw talent w/o brush-ups or anything (not that brush-ups are a bad thing).

I like the foreground though man. Looks kind of Fred Perry (at least I think thats his name).

As for People posting unfinished stuff. I dig it. I like seeing how other artist construct their pieces. Pencil sketches from heaps of the awsome artists in this forum.