I made a Decapre video tutorial



You guys might know a lot of this but I wanted to compile a lot of the Decapre information so far. There are, however, a lot of things in this video that aren’t common knowledge, and some I even made up. So see if you can’t learn something and tell me if there’s something obvious I missed, please.


You missed the midscreen crumple combo(ex stomp, spiral(mp or hp depending on character), mp/ex dp, and a lot of the stuff you have listed as corner only isn’t(notably some of the u1 stuff, and spiral to dp), some of it is corner only on Ryu.

A lot of your u1 setups are backdashable or don’t work with the timing you did in the vid.

When going over the scramble mixup stuff you missed a lot of the options. notably fake into low, and didn’t go over the punish options for the ones you did too.

When going over the options after a blocked lp hands, you didn’t really flesh anything out and didn’t show the counterplay to the followups you showed. Ex scramble after lp hands being blocked is a very strong part of her game.

The setup at 11:12 doesn’t actually work and neither does the previous one

Meaty pound section didn’t cover how it can low profile some reversals(notably viper hp TK).

The lack of a backthrow mixup section is puzzling to say the least because she has the vast majority of cammy’s unblockables.

There are other tickytack mistakes or parts where you didn’t cover that what you were doing was actually very punishable.


normal AA was really not touched on either which is something you’d probably want to see in a tutorial, as well as more defensive options.


Do you think I could have your help touching it up and correcting it? I want to make sure all the scenarios look good and are actually helpful.