I made an Imgur with the Alt AE Costumes (colors are being added)


The last 12 characters have been moved to http://ssf4ae2.imgur.com/ because of Imgurs pictures per account limit.

I mostly made this because Eventhubs has not updated the character colors section and it is annoying having to Google multiple things when it is easier to have it all in one place.

I PLAN TO DO THE SUMMER VACATION ALTERNATES. USE THIS LINK FOR THOSE OUTFITS IN THE MEANTIME: http://www.reddit.com/r/Kappa/comments/2dgdp7/all_costumes_and_colors_for_the_usf4_vacation_dlc/

Does an up to date gallery of all the DLC costumes and colors exist?

Great stuff, honstly this should be stickied because every month or so someone asks for the costumes and they are nowhere to be found. Good job sir


Thanks. I am going to be doing the colors to but it will be a character a day since it takes a bit of time to do this.


I don’t even care about this game, but I saw this thread, checked it out, and wanted to give you massive kudos on doing it. Good shit, :tup:


I added pictures of the first row of characters colors.


Great stuff, man! Colour picks will be going in my notebook when you’re finished. I love stuff like this.


Amazing job good sir. Rufus alt 3 4 lyfe.


Great job! Just curious about the purchase of the DLC, if I buy the Shoryuken Pack will that give me alt.3? This is for SSF4 (Not AE). Thanks


The Ultra Shoryuken pack should come with Ryus Alt.3.


Honestly, if you were on PC you just missed a huge sale on the All-in DLC pack.


Holy shit, didn’t realize this included every single color too. GODLIKE!


That’s how I got all of the DLC haha.


Nice. Good job.


Isn’t there an outfit with Yun that he uses a wifebeater? Pretty sure he has an outfit 3 but not sure where to get it.


his default is pretty much a chinese wifebeater


One of the things that truly irked me in the SF4 series is how every character has at least one alt that is absolutely what their main should have been.

It’s like they showed us that they have the ability to give their fighters cool and modern looks that fit their character but they decided to stick with the dated outfits from the 90s and early 2000s.

I hope they don’t keep this trend up and just update the character’s appearances.


Thank you for this.


That is his Alternate 1 Color 10. Some of the characters colors also change there appearance as if it was another alternate costume.


Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to do this!


First and second row of characters are done.