I made some laser cut stick enclosures, is anyone interested?


In my desperation to play fighting games on a stick, but also not wanting to spend $150+ on one, I made a couple of enclosures out of MDF. They look like this:


I would offer several different button layouts, but this right here is the Sega Astro City layout. Speaking to a manufacturer, it looks like they could be sold for $30, but for a bit more you could get a clear plexiglass panel for printed artwork. I’m interested in doing a kickstarter.

Any interest or suggestions for this enclosure?


isnt the mdf to thick for buttons to be placed in?
how many cm thick is the placte you used for the buttons and stuff.


Screw in buttons should work. The snap in buttons suck anyway.


I’m actually using snap in buttons, and they stay in perfectly fine, although there is a full 1/2 inch of material in the top panel, which makes the stick a bit shorter than usual which I don’t mind. I’ll post pictures of the one I’m using, with buttons and paint.


have you considered panels fitted for korean sticks?


Actually Japanese buttons will fit if you know what you are doing. Often people layer thin layers of MDF together to get the strength without too much thickness in critical areas.


Also you can flip the top over and put a rebate around the button holes with a router in about ten seconds.