I made some panel art for the TE/SE FightStick Thread

im gonna try to get this printed and laminated today and take some pics
and as soon as i get my stick, ill put it on.
im thinking of arting out a new astro city panel to fit SEs/TEs depending on the feedback i get

Is it possible you can do a 6buttons layout for the TE? This way I don’t have to put hole cover for the last two button

I like the Astro City panel idea you have.

You would be in good company over in this thread. There are some really damn talented people there.

my mistake, i should have posted in that thread earlier. now i’m not so sure if i should have posted this thread to begin with :sweat:

pm me if you are interested in a print (sorry i dont give away psd’s)

Astro City art is a cool idea for a mod. I myself am trying to make a replica of the Astro City Control Panel (with bezel, overlay, ect.).

Also, nice Vewlix templates psychedelicbeat. If I was going to mod my TE stick, which I really don’t dare to, I’d definitely use those templates on the mod. Awesome job ;)!