I made some trials for the new characters

Feel free to try them out. Be warned though, I’ve heard they are a little harder than the official trials.

There’s a spelling error in Oni 22. The 2nd c.LP is supposed to be s.LK. I’ve uploaded a new version of the document, fixing it and some other things.

Since no one bothers to answer (me neither - thank god there aren’t more trials in AE, one time and never again), I would like to take the opportunity and thank you for your vanilla trial guide, it helped me a lot!
But inventing even more of these time and nerve stealing horrors, no thank you :wink:

You’re welcome. And nah, if you don’t wanna do it, you shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I think it’s cool. TBH I might just buy 3SOE just for all the trials and challenge my exec. ;D