"I Make Any Team Better." Official Hawkeye Discussion Thread!



This thread is for the discussion of Hawkeye, who was OFFICIALLY (hint hint to others who might want to make character threads) announced at Comic-Con!


The Avenger that most people think is in the game solely because of the upcoming movie, whom fans know will be a huge and awesome addition to the game! Status arrows galore, assists that look truly valuable, and fast hard hitting Supers with his own set of OTG moves.

He looks awesome and he looks like a valuable asset to any team, but we’ll see when the game actually comes out!

Here are some official videos, with more to come.

There is a lot of other gameplay floating around out there because of the con video stream, so feel free to post them in here!

The most unique thing about Hawkeye appears to be his trick shot, which will cause status changes. These would be arrows that can cause different status, like a poison arrow, or ice arrow. Arrows that can cause your opponent to drop quickly, or many many other statuses. According to Seth (I think it was Seth) they are up to about 16 different statuses!

So this thread is for discussion of Hawkeye, so discuss Hawkeye

ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - OFFICIAL

Hawkeye looks -simply amazing-. I think he is being majorly underestimated (like Taskmaster and Dormammu was) and that he has tons of potential. He seems to have a X-23 hop-teleport fire down shot thing that looks amazing if used right with an assist.

Plus… DEM STATUS ARROWS! Poison arrow looked like it hit hard.


I am thinking he will be extremely useful against supreme air dashes and teleport with his auto tracking arrow hyper.

In particular, Phoenix. His poison arrow on her will take her out in no time.

Anyone else seeing this?


Oh I forgot! This thread is also featuring Hank Pym! Hawkeye never fights alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am definitely feeling him(no homo), the status arrows look like they could be extremely annoying, and in general he looks like he has the potential to be a good keep away character(something this game sorely lacks). Of course this is all based off what little knowledge I have of him.

Hopefully we get more info on him before the weekend is over. Maybe justin and them can do some experimenting during their playtime today.


i wonder how status effects are gonna work with snapbacks. would be sick if you could snap out someone who was frozen and they stayed frozen till they came back in lol


I highly doubt Justin will play anyone but Strider/Firebrand who have already been deemed “EXTREMELY GOOD”.


My man Clint looking godlike, as usual. I like how he flips and rolls when doing his arrows, makes him less obvious and a little harder to rush. Also like that his super tracks, that’s pretty sweet and good for hitting that bitch if she throws a homing ball x)


lol, oh well a man can hope right? Oh btw anyone else notice he can charge(and I assume aim) his arrows. Its a very slight observation, but Im about 99 percent sure he can charge-at least some-of his arrow shots. At the start of this video you’ll see him take a while to fire off the triple arrows, but later on in the videoat about 45 seconds in, he fires em off almost instantly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlNt8xS3fwY


Yeah, he can. He also has a better air-arrow rain than Taskmaster does.


You have any idea if he can charge all his arrows? Including the airborne ones? In this vid at the beginning it seems like he charges the air electric shot, but there is no way to be certain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-SQ7ex8rzs&feature=relmfu


I actually just noticed his scatter shot in one of the videos and yeah, I’m feeling it much more than Taskmaster’s.
Hawkeye doesn’t need a stupid sword and shield to fight, he’s got dem frozen arrows to chill you out. HAWKEYE HYPE TRAIN


Id assume with the amount of different statuses there are on trick shot you can probably charge with every button for a different move.


I want hawkeye inside me :smokin:


iiirc seth said there were over 20 different status effects on hawkeye… which is fucking crazy, in a good way.



I’m very intrested in this guy


So what happens to Pym when you miss the level 3 :o


Hawkeye will be on my new team he is mad hype and is the ONLY avenger i give 2 shits about the rest are free yea i said captain american ironman both FREE


If he shoots an assist with poision shot, when the assist comes in they will still be poisioned. lol.

Stupid lifebars I couldnt see if this prevented assists from regenerating health. If so…ROTFLL. Hawkeye GDLK.


All sorts of hype for Hawkeye. In just this test build he had tons of tools and options, but since no one ‘knew who he was’ no one sat down and really got to feel him out.