"I Make Any Team Better." Official Hawkeye Discussion Thread!

I think that Spell of Vishanti is disjointed and comes out no matter what.

It is. From what I can tell, if one of them activated in response to the other, they’d simply hit each other.

The slide is going to be really nice for opponents who approach from the air. More than likely you’ll go under and behind them if you are properly spaced.

I think seven rings would end up screwing Hawksters more than anything else in that matchup. Strange can sit in his corner of the screen prepping his setups and as long as he isn’t jumping around Hawkeye largely can’t do anything to stop him as he can’t shoot down-forward while airborne without gold arrow. This makes it seem like that Hawkeye would be forced to rush Strange down, which doesn’t seem like it’d go well for Clint.

Mind you, I’m just pulling that out of my ass, so I have no idea how realistic that is.

In the end, it all comes down to who has the more durable projectiles. If Strange can sit back and blow through Hawkeye’s arrows, then that would force Hawkeye into a rushdown approach. However, Strange is more likely to start his offense because he can teleport to avoid arrows and Hawkeye can hardly do anything at close range as well. The Seven Rings is an issue, but I don’t think a lot of players are going to blow all their meter at once.

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I was gonna say this…damn I guess now I get this Ninja thing. But yes I highly doubt strange players will be doing Ragador very often unless it FOR SURE will kill not only because it’d be a waste but because Strange does shitty damage on his normals and he needs to maximize it or he’s dead.

It makes me laugh seeing people having teams like Strange/Strider/Firebrand or something similar in their sigs because all those characters have low health and do crap damage without meter so putting them all on one team would be a fucking disaster. I believe Hawkeye will be fine because He’ll typically have an assist like Doom missiles that might hit strange out of 7Rings; plus he has a decent amount of health so Strange would have to try a get close to do anything worth worrying about.


jk lol:tup:

Oh I forgot, as for the projectile battle Hawkeye will easily beat Strange there so no he won’t able to sit in a corner and throw things. Lighting arrow will likely beat out any one thing STrange could throw at Hawkeye. Clint still has his arrow that wraps the opponent up so if Strange gets sloppy and gets hit with that: free combo for Hawk that could easily kill because of his long range slide and Strange’s terrible health.

Really Strange players are gonna have to be crazy good at guessing because Strange I think has less health than Zero. If most Hawkeyes play to their strengths and take advantage of their health being larger they could make the match okay if you keep him out.

If Strange gets in Clint’s boned but even then Strange would have to land two combos or take a chance on a reset to kill Hawkeye while Clint needs only one combo really to wreck the doc.

strange defo dose not have less health than zero

plus strange can cancel his projectiles into seven rings

so even if you blow through something will it really be worth it?

dunno what you’re basing some of them claims on , but for matchups It’s best to just wait

I think that Strange’s illusion counters projectiles.
i hope not.

it don’t anymore

It’s best to wait on everything about this game before saying something but it’s better to at least speculate match-ups than less this thread collect dust imo, Imean we are talking about Hawkeye it’s not like we’re off topic.

I still think seven rings is gonna be a pain because it’ll throw Hawkeye’s momentum off but it just doens’t do enough damage by itself to stop me from throwing some projectile at Strange. Are you really gonna keep using all you meter to counter every arrow and fireball I throw? Of course not.

The only way I see 7 rings truly stopping someone REALLY dedicated to zoning like me is if he can get a combo afterwards. Strange popping Xfactor then doing spell of Desshati is the only thing he can do to deal major damage from it. 7 rings to me seems like more of an annoyance than a dealbreaker for Clint imo.

It’s not so much the rings It’s.the fact he’s stopped you doing shit long enough to port’ up in your ass or set something up , that’s what I’m worried about most

apologies if you took my post as rude

Good point and yeah that’s basically what I was getting at, it’s not him countering arrows that the real prob it’s him using it to get in. Now you seem like a fellow who know more about Strange than I do so do you know if he recovers very fast off 7 rings? It seems like he does this long animation or something that might take to long for him to set up his spells to trap me.

I don’t think you came off as rude just sure in yourself an that’s fine I like talking about things like this with people that have confidence in what their talking about.

People keep talking like not being able to shoot down/forward is a problem, but really you just shouldn’t super jump unless the other guy does it first.

I think you could at least set up one trap or teleport mix up before you are really able to do much

but stuff like this really matters

Looks like everyone is gonna slot hawkeye at second, I’m gonna work him into a anchor though so that my X23 can gain those M feint mixups from his arrows. I like him at second also, just not more than X23 there.

Am I the only one who thinks Hawkeye can be a solid anchor. It reminds me of arthur lvl3 xfactor and that is an absolute beast. Also a simple Gimlet-xfactor3-Gimlet sounds like good simple damage to finish off a weak char.

I really dont get this he can shoot down foward…he has one trick shot that jumps back and he shoots down foward the other he jumps over you around back and shoots down forward… unless they changed that and I missed it.

Yeah, the damage on 7 rings isn’t the best, and I’m probably overblowing the situation. I’m just worried that when Strange is sitting on a few bars, the simple threat of it is going to limit what Clint’s going to be able to do to fight him. Plus, even though it’s not a particularly long period of time, the untechable time after 7rings looks long enough for strange to set up a trap or do a teleport mixup, which could be scary in and of itself.

I’m gonna try building around him on point first, simply cuz he looks so damn fun.

It’s not going to be gamebreaking, especially since so many other characters have the same problem, but I do think it’s going to leave him with some problems against people who can protect themselves on the X-axis or fight at a diagonal themselves. It’s probably not going to be a huge issue either way.

That’s why I said “while airborne” specifically.